Monday, April 24, 2017


h e y! :) 

So here's the lowdown. Once upon a time, in the majestic land of Indianapolis, lived two sister missionaries, Sister Burgon and Sister Gray. They felt oh so blessed at the amazing week that they had and felt totally humbled by the Lord in gratitude for granting all of their deepest wishes. Why did these sisters feel this way? Well, its simple really...not because they felt good about what they had, not one bit, but because of the people around them who were truly in the hands of the Lord. They were called to teach these people...but in reality, in this fantastic week, these people had taught THEM.

So we will begin with the 3 amigos...Z___, J___, and M_____. After a conversation reflecting on all the wonderful miracles happening around him, Z___ was able to realize that Heavenly Father has been answering his prayers this whole time. In his words, "Man, God really has been talking to me...I've just had to realize it." With his supportive brother by his side, Z___ and J___ learned about the perfect plan of Happiness and were in awe at the knowledge that we actually do have about our lives. (and randomly got suuuuper interested in family history hahaha woooot) They continue to progress well for their approaching baptismal date on MAY 6th. 

M_____ put his trust in the sisters as he followed them all the way up to the land of Carmel, for a surprise lesson. He was amazed to arrive at the TEMPLE, where he learned about forever families and the miracle of the House of the Lord. The kind Temple workers even let him go inside the waiting room, to which he stayed and did not want to leave. McDonalds cookies accompanied this visit, which of course made for a night well spent. M_____ as also accepted to live many commandments, without question...a true reflection of his faith and is excited also...for baptism on MAY 6th.

Now to our fair ladies, E____ and A___. (Is anyone else dying at the level of cheese on this email besides me?...hang in there folks)  Upon meeting E___ after her first week back to church after 5 years of absence, Emily showed us that she read and studied  a l l  the missionary pamphlets, read and prayed everyday, attended the Temple lesson with the sisters and M____, hung out with those in the YSA, came to FHE, institute, AND traveled with the sisters to Terre Haute (more on that later). And felt closer to God than she ever has before. Truly remarkable indeed.

Dear A___ came excited to share the news that her prayers had been giving her strength, new perspective and open-mindness, and that the knowledge of the Plan of Happiness had been enlightening her mind all week. The sisters and A___ learned together the miracle of life after death and Eternal happiness...something that had actually been on her mind. The sisters were blown away by usual. She too traveled with the sisters to Terre Haute...which brings us to the climax of this silly tale....

On the 22nd of April, in the year 2017, J H entered the waters of baptism in the land of Terre Haute, which these two grateful sister missionaries, E____, and A___, were blessed to attend. The spirit was touching....both on E____ and A___, J, and of course all who were in attendance. How happy we are to be so touched at the opportunity to be cleansed by the waters of baptism...only through our precious Savior, Jesus Christ. 

To end this fantastic week...the sisters were blessed with an opportunity to do a church swap with a new friend on campus, C____...who was intrigued of their message by a slice of free cake (see last week's letter lol). They were also caught off guard in laughter when two birds speedily attacked a girls head that they were talking to...the theme of their was 'miracles'...and the moment of the birds attack was preceded by the girl saying, "I know that miracles aren't so "in your face" as they were in the past, but sometimes I wish they were that obvious"...que the birds. God most certainty has a sense of humor, yes, yes He does. 

For the fact that I myself, Sister Burgon, am getting a headache from this silly talk, and a hand-cramp from the length...I must stop. But do wish you all sincere love and appreciation and of course thank my dear Father in Heaven, who truly is the most brilliant scientist of all. For how else could all these blessed events work out so perfectly. I now close my tale. Till next week. Farewell.

Love, Sister Burgon*
Pix: the baptism crew @ square donuts 

the Temple trip,

found the canal, 
exchanges with Sister Vincent,
J________!!!!!! BAPTISM!!!!  

straight up 
THEE most 
AMAZING week!!!!

See y'all in 7!!!!