Tuesday, January 26, 2016


President and Sister Cleveland...and Me!!

Your daughter, Sister Emily Burgon, arrived safely in Indiana.  It was a pleasure to meet and welcome her to the mission.  She has a solid testimony of the gospel and is excited to be doing the Lord’s work.  Sister Cleveland and I look forward to serving with your daughter during this special time in her life.

I know Sister Burgon will appreciate letters from home, but I discourage phone calls or visits except for emergency situations, and with prior coordination with me.  I recommend that you send all mail and packages to the office.  We will forward items to your daughter's apartment address.  For your information, due to postal regulations, packages can only be forwarded when they are sent Priority or First Class mail.

Sister Cleveland and I will love, care for, and watch over Sister Burgon as if she were our own daughter.  Thank you for the love and support you have given, and will give her on her mission.


Steven C. Cleveland

Mission President
Sister Burgon & Sister Perkins
Love my, Sister Burgon*

Monday, January 25, 2016


Safely landed in INDY!!!
SHE MADE IT !!!  Can you spot her?
There she is!!!
Sister Emily Burgon and all of the new missionaries in INDY!!!
So good to see you Sissy B
Sure do love you.
Love, Sister Burgon*


I spy with my little eye...
Sister Burgon!!!!
Thanks Shelli for giving Sister Burgon a Mama's hug at the airport!!!
Sister Burgon was up at 2:00 A M!!! to get ready to leave the MTC. After getting ready and packed imagine this cute little sister missionary at 3:20a lugging her 2 large suitcases and a heavy carry-on suitcase behind her and carrying a shoulder bag down to the main entrance to await transport to the airport to catch her flight. She managed to break into the MTC cafeteria to grab a banana for the road just before the bus arrived. She and all of the other departing missionaries successfully maneuvered their luggage onto the bus and were super excited when they were dropped off down the road at the FrontRunner train station. NO PROB BOB! Off the bus and all the luggage too. Wait for the train. Get on the train. Don't forget the luggage. Rest while traveling to Salt Lake City. Exit the train (with said luggage). Catch a Traxx train (make sure you get on the right one) (and don't forget all those bags!!) Ride Traxx through the city as it makes it's way out to the airport. You've reached your destination...kind of...You might be at the airport, but not quite where you need to be just yet. So, take the luggage and get outta that train. Hop on a shuttle bus. Don't worry sista you're almost there. Bus drops you off at the Terminal. YAY!!! Now grab your luggage, head into the Terminal find the Delta spot. Wait in line. Check the two large suitcases and head up to security.

She made it through all of that and security without a hitch!!!

She was scheduled to call home at 6:00a but after hearing her tale of the morning's adventures we completely understood why the call didn't come until after 7:00a. She said she had just made it through security and was finally at her gate. We were able to chat for a little bit and then she ended the call with an "I gotta go! They're BOARDING!!" 

NEXT STOP....INDY!!!! after a plane change in Minneapolis.
Love you., Sister Burgon*

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Love, Sister Burgon*

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Well howdy folks

HOLY COW...I’m an actual missionary...can you believe it?? Best thing in the world...I promise!! This week has been totally insane.... SO much has happened and I've learned a ton!! Funny story...once I got dropped off we wheeled my luggage away and I got led through a bunch of different rooms that had signs saying, "New Missionaries: this way!" One of these rooms had our TAGSSSSS:) The kind lady asked what my name was...I said "Burgon" and she said "Emily?" and I said yes...haha great story right? Well then we pulled it out of the bag and she said, "What language are you speaking?”.... The tag was in some crazy language that made me want to throw up haha turns out there might actually be two Emily Burgon’s in the world.... don’t worry though, we got the right one:) AND WEARING IT IS THE BEST!! I'm an actually missionary and I couldn't be happier!
The District :0)
In the MTC we literally are doing things from before the sun gets up until after the sun sets...you'd think I’d be tired but I’m not! It’s the weirdest thing...I can feel how Heavenly Father is strengthening me and helping me with things I wouldn't normally be able to do. I can't even say how much I've learned...I wish I could share it with you all! The gospel really does bring happiness. I love it so much. We got our investigators and its been going good...a great learning experience for sure. One of them, Jessie, is like the Golden investigator. She accepted our commitment to pray to Heavenly Father with a question and read the Book of Mormon for an answer. And guess what! She did it! And got an answer for herself. Its so motivating...it gets me excited for the field.... which by the way...I already have my travel plans haha. I leave January 25 and I’m soooo excited. Our other investigator isn't as excited about learning and really doesn't seem like he's open to the idea of the gospel. But it’s been a really good thing because not everyone in the field is going to accept our message...so I’m really grateful we've had both experiences to learn from. 
DearElder.com is the BEST!! I love mail!!
Amazing things happen at the MTC allllll the time. It’s truly remarkable to watch.... I can feel the strength that comes from being a missionary. Oh and just so you know...singing the Army of Helaman with a billion missionaries is the best thing in the entire world. We got to hear from Janice Kapp Perry at one of our devotionals this week (which are the best...I LOVE them) and she gave an amazing talk. Okay I want you to picture this in your head...I promise its great. So Sister Perry was talking about how her and her husband met. She said they were in band together in college and he came up to her and said "Those lips look like they were made for much more than playing the clarinet" haha what a dude. Well as she said this to us, her husband walks up to the podium, grabs her face and kisses her! Just imagine the reaction of a ton of missionaries (who can't kiss might I remind you...fresh in the MTC) I've never heard a crowd laugh so hard! It was hilarious. Some elders stood and clapped and everyone was dying...then her husband fist pumps the air and we died even more. Good times. 

Sunday Temple Walk
My companions name is Sister Nuttall and I LOVE HER SO MUCH! She's the sweetest human being. She's from Boise, Idaho and went to BYU. She and I are so different so we have a ton to teach each other. I couldn't ask for a better companion at the MTC. 

Gotta go...
I'm so sorry...I’m totally out of time and I can't figure out how to attach pictures haha but I have a ton and I’ll send them asap. Next time we talk I’ll be in INDYYYYYYYY WOOOOO:) I've learned that Heavenly Father is soooo aware of each and every one of us. Don't hesitate to call out to him in prayer. He will answer you I promise. But sometimes not when you think he will, or want him to. Sometimes it takes the trial of our faith first...I've been studying Alma this week...read Alma 32.... AMAAAAZING! LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for all your support.... it means a ton! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Burgon*

Sunday, January 17, 2016



My branch president is letting us email just a little bit today! My p-day is on Wednesday and then I’ll be able to do all the chatting and pictures and stuufffffff.

BUT IM HEREEEEEE! And I LLLOVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it here...love it! love it!! Love It!!! LOVE IT!!!! This is the most amazing place and the work is so great!

I AM A MISSIONARY!! We had a meeting the first day with the MTC Presidency and it just hit me...I am an actual missionary with an actual tag. I'm so grateful!

I miss you guys but I’m doing wonderful! My companion's name is sister Nuttal and she's so sweet! We are very different but she teaches me a lot and we get along great.

Crazy...I’m at the MTC!! I'm learning a ton and I love you guys a lot!!! xoxoxo

Love, Sister Burgon*

Day1: JANUARY 13, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And we're off...
Time to say goodbye

I'm trying to go on a mission but they just won't let go!!
It's go time!!! Let's do this!!!
Awe Sis...I love you too
Love you Daddy 

Bye bro

Bye Sis.  See you in 18!!!
We LOVE you Sister Burgon

Monday, January 11, 2016


Hello fellow blog readers. I'm almost a sista...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? By tomorrow night I will be set apart as a full time missionary and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you to everyone who came, supported & helped out with my farewell yesterday. I was overwhelmed with love. Here's a little movie I made with all the fun times that have happened recently before my mission. 
Love you all. 
SEE YA IN 18!!!! xoxo

Love, Sister Burgon*