Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Meet Sister Luo
Your daughter, Sister Emily Burgon, has been assigned to train a new missionary.

The position of trainer only comes to missionaries who have demonstrated the highest level of trust, obedience and diligence.  A new missionary's trainer sets the standard and establishes the framework for the entirety of the new missionary's mission experience. We have every confidence in Sister Burgon and know that she will be a great blessing to her new companion.

We appreciate your love of and support for Sister Burgon.  Those acts have helped prepare her for this new assignment.

Steven C. Cleveland

Mission President

Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello Everyone:) 

I have some exciting news!! But we'll save that for the end:) 

THIS WEEK WAS A WEEK OF MIRACLES!!! It was the last week that Sister Perkins and I will be together! SO sad....but I couldn't ask for a better week to finish off strong with. First off...I got driving privileges this week haha so it was super fun to drive again and cruise around in our Subaru:) Simple pleasures! Earlier this week we blitzed an area with the spanish elders and found SO MANY solid new investigators. It was the best day. We would find spanish people for them and they would find english people and send them to us. I think I can introduce myself in spanish now:) woo. 

Gonna miss this girl!!! BEST TRAINER/Sister/Missionary/Friend Ever!!!
Sister's by chance, Friends by choice!!!

And of course you can expect crazy things happening when you tract so much...my my my. We met the craziest, coolest people ever. We met one guy who was just dancing in his own little world...he had great moves. Then we also had a car full of Arabian teenage boys hold up traffic to ask us for our number out the car window....I gave them our missionary number...we now have a referral to give to the elders hehe. Then we met a guy who was spray painting his huge van-he said he is an artist. We introduced ourselves from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he replied, "Well you just got yourselves a new member"...We were thinking..."We haven't even taught you yet or anything...you already want to join?" Well sure enough...he came to church yesterday and said he wants to be baptized haha. WHAT? We will see how this plays out...he's hilarious. We also had another one of our investigators come to church yesterday...we've been trying to get him to come for a while now! HE FINALLY CAME YAY:) His name is M*! 

We also found out that our zone's miles got cut short for the month so we've had to get creative. We've walked so much this week and honestly I love it! I think it's so fun! The members have been so helpful at giving us rides too! This ward is seriously the best! 

Awesome Ward Members

Meet Brother Brigham...Best Ward Mission Leader Ever!

More Amazing Ward Members

Ok Ok I can't help it! Exciting news: 

We got transfer calls this week...I will be staying in C* and 


I am so so so so so humbled....I'm completely 100% inadequate to train...I just finished MY training! But I know that we are in God's hands, this is His work, and He WILL provide a way for us. I can't wait to meet her and learn from her! We will be the CaucASIAN companionship:) This will be so awesome for I* too! They can speak Chinese with each other! I love her so much already! As President told me the news, I was completely overcome with the spirit and with peace. I know that He has a plan for us. This past week has been totally prepared for this as well. We found so many new investigators so our upcoming week is totally packed with lessons and plans. That will help me ease into the swing of things. I'm just so humbled. So I will be in C* for 6 months:) I love it here so that's good news haha. If you have training advice...please send it my way:) Ready or not, here we go:) Moses 6:31-34. 

I know that God is there, He loves us, and He is aware of everyone and their needs.
"I can do ALL things through Christ, 
which strengtheneth me!"
Philippians 4:13

Love, Sister Burgon
*Only first initial used

A word from Mama B:

Sister Burgon forgot to mention in her email that her entire district except for E. Stout and all of the sisters will be transferred out of the area. These are all her besties. She is excited for their new adventures but sad to have them leave. She is excited to meet the newbies and become friends with more missionaries.
Last District Meeting

My girls!

S. Hamblin
S. Miles
Goodbye My Friends...til we meet again....Hamblin, Miles, Perkins

Monday, April 18, 2016

April 13 = 3 MONTHS...wuuut!!!!


I feel like "Aloha" is very fitting for this week...because I felt like I was on a tropical island all week! We're talking high 70's here people....holy gorgeous. I'm even getting that awesome missionary short-sleeve tan line...good stuff:) 

ANYWAYS...this week was awesome! It seems like everyday had something exciting! We had so many meetings this week...which I love! I always feel so spiritually uplifted after. Tuesday we had a combined district meeting and we all brought food and had a buffet after. Wednesday we had a "Sisters Retreat" where the STLs gave a bunch of awesome trainings and crafts. We talked about DOTS...Depending On The Savior. It was awesome to share our testimonies and be uplifted by each other. It was also my THREE MONTH MARK! Wow....totally insane! I'm just beyond grateful for the experiences I've been able to have so far. It's been the best thing ever and I can't wait to keep on going and see what's ahead. Being a missionary is the best. My testimony has been strengthened so much. This church is so true. 

DOTS...Depending On The Savior

On Thursday we went and visited some previous investigators that we haven't seen for a while. We have tried stopping by but they have never been home. Well guess what. THEY WERE HOME! Turns out the past little bit has been really hard for them. They've had deaths in the family and a lot of trials have come up in their lives. We were able to talk to them about the Plan of Salvation and the peace that the Atonement brings to us. One of them, K*, has committed to be baptized on May 21! We were so excited! I can't wait to really see the change in him as the Gospel blesses his life so much! So many miracles this day! Also...gotta love that awkward moment when you accidentally tract into a members home....hahaha they let us right in and we quickly found out that they were members...in our ward...oops:) 

Saturday we got to go to Crossroads again! We had a church open-house. It's the same idea as a Temple Open-House where you go room to room and learn about what we believe. Such an awesome way for people to learn and feel the spirit so strong! Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of people come so we went outside and did some Personal Contacting on the streets to tell people about the open house. That was super fun...we discovered that PC-ing is a lot easier in Crossroads than it is in Carmel haha.

Crazy-this is the last week in the transfer! I finished training this week as well! I can't believe how fast time is going! I think that's why it's super important to enjoy every single day:) I'm so grateful for the emphasis that was on the Atonement this week! I know the Atonement covers more than our sins. Through Jesus Christ we can be healed of anything. The Gospel truly brings blessings and happiness! 3 Nephi 27:21, 28

Love you!
Love, Sister Burgon

A few more pics...

Holdin' Hoosier Hens

I call her "Little Red"

Service this week: Pass out water cups during a marathon!!! 

We found a bigger mountain. YAY!!!
Three Months!!! :o)

Monday, April 11, 2016



Thanks so much for all of the emails...I soooo appreciate the support! What an awesome week!! 

President Cleveland is THE BEST Mission President!!!

Some exciting things happened this week! We had Interviews with President Cleveland which were AMAZING!! He is one incredible person! I loved being able to talk to him and feel of his powerful spirit. We also had Zone Meeting this week too! We were all asked to prepare a talk and then a few of us would be chosen to give our talk...guess who got to give hers! This girl:) (good thing I prepared) haha it was so fun and a great experience! I love my zone! We learned how we should be using the Bible in our teaching more because everyone in Indiana knows the Bible. I'm super excited to get to know the Bible better and use it more as I teach. I know as we use both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, our lessons will be more powerful. Such a testimony that the Book of Mormon and the Bible really support each other. 

April Zone Conference

I* is off to China! We got a text from her the other day saying she made it safe and also got in touch with the area authority who helped her find a Church to go to on Sunday. Is this lady amazing or what? I feel like she's just a little missionary in China right now. 

L* is doing better than ever. She had the idea to create a stone pathway in her front yard and write different words on the stones with scriptures to back up the word. EX: Faith (Alma 32), Hope (Ether 12:4) etc. haha She is so cute! So she has been SEARCHING her scriptures all week to find different words. It's so exciting to see her love of the scriptures grow. We are also working with her to get her Patriarchal Blessing. I know she will LOVE it. 

We also had a cool experience to do service this week. We prepared food for a wedding that was being held at a mansion. But not just any mansion. Apparently it was the house of the guy that invented voicemail....so ya...it was an UNREAL house! We took a tour of the house and got lost haha it was so fun! I love service.

The Great and Spacious Building... people...It was huge!!!

Tracting Moment of the Week: (maybe the highlight of the whole week....) We felt prompted to go tract this one street. We walked up to a house that had 3 kids playing outside. They were super curious to who we were. We told them that we are missionaries and we talk to people about how Jesus Christ loves them. They thought that was super cool and followed us as we continued to tract. They were HILARIOUS. At one point they were running around us singing the Amazon Prime Commercial in unison. We were dying. So then I taught them the Plan of Salvation rap (It's on the Indiana Indianapolis Facebook page if you haven't seen it...coolest thing ever) Then they decided that they wanted to be missionaries too. So they went door to door with us saying, "We are missionaries. You love Jesus and Jesus loves you!" :) It was hilarious....I've never had an audience at a door before! We gave them pamphlets and they left us saying "You love Jesus and Jesus loves you!" and also rapping the Plan of Salvation. Seeds...Planted. haha I have high hopes for these kids:)   

Our rapping-tracking-Jesus-Loving kiddos!!! Aren't they the cutest bunch!!
This week I have seen how much happiness comes from the Gospel. I am so grateful for it! I know it is true! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Burgon*

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey everyone! 

What a great week this week!! Hope you all enjoyed conference...I was blown away at the talks! I felt like every single one was just so inspired. Huge testimony of our Prophet and Apostles. I'm so grateful for their council in today's crazy world. I thought it was cool how there was such a huge emphasis on helping others around us. 

This week was wonderful! We worked hard to increase our teaching pool and gain new investigators. We were able to find some and I am SO excited to keep working with them. They've got some HUGE potential. I'm especially excited for this cute family from Congo! And of course tracting is just a great time. Even with the crazy winds we had this week....it makes for a fun time :) Tornado season is coming up...maybe we'll be lucky enough to see one! (Don't worry mom, I'll be safe hehe) 

We were able to meet with I* this week. We talked about her amazing experience she had at her baptism. She is ssoooooo amazing. Her son is super interested too. Our awesome Bishop invited them over this week and answered some of his questions and also watched the First Vision. I love our ward :) D* (I*'s son) said he felt something different in their home and I* told him it was the spirit. He said that he would like to have it in their home too. As of right now, he's not quite ready to meet with us but I know he will eventually. He is awesome. I* continues to amaze me. She met with Bishop last week and got a Temple Recommend. We planned to teach her about Family History this week and get her started, and when we met with her, she was already going on it. haha I just love her!  

I love to see the Temple!

I hope you all had a fantastic week. Thanks for all the support! It means the world! One of my favorite talks from Conference was from W. Christopher Waddell. He talked about how we can obtain peace in this life. Heavenly Father WANTS us to have peace. We can always have peace with us when we Learn of Him-Listen to Him-and Walk with God. I know that as we "continuously partake" of the Gospel in our lives, we will have Peace. 

LOVE YOU!! xoxo
Love, Sister Burgon*
*Only first initial of name used

Along with Missionary "Work" comes a whole lot of fun...
Silly Sisters having a bubble blowing contest


Not the winner

Pizza dinner!!! Yummy

Friday, April 1, 2016


Meet Miss I*

Happy Easter this week to ya...hope it was wonderful!! If you haven't seen the new video yet, go to mormon.org/easter and watch it. It's called #Hallelujah and I love it so much. What a great message. 

So this week was pretty much the best. haha I feel like I say that every time but It just keeps getting better and better. And here is whhhyyyyyy. On Wednesday, I was able to go to the TEMPLE!!!! EEP! We were able to do Initiatories, an Endownment, and Confirmations. Every time I go I just feel such overwhelming peace. The spirit was so strong and I just have a huge testimony of Temples and the wonderful work that is done there. I'm truly blessed to have been able to go. 

Then on Saturday....Get Ready.....
I* WAS BAPTIZED!! :):):) 
I can't even tell you how amazing this lady is. I'm so convinced that Heavenly Father has been preparing her for years. I am so humbled that I got to meet her at this time in her life and be an instrument in God's hands in bringing her closer to Him. Everything went amazing for the baptism and the spirit was so strong. I lead the music and as we were singing the closing song, I am a Child of God, I looked down at her and she was in tears. I was so touched and I know that the Gospel blesses our lives. The church is so true. Her son also came to the baptism...afterward he said that he felt something different. EEP:) He wants to learn more now! I'm so excited to teach him! 

Brother Brigham and cute Miss I* #glowing!!!
Right after the baptism, we ran (literally) over to the temple and worked in there for a few hours. AH talk about amazing experience! How did I get so lucky (#blessed) to go to the temple TWICE this week? So grateful. 

So excited for conference coming up. Make sure to watch it! It will blesssss your life! :) 
Hope you have a great week. Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures. God is there for you!

Love You!!!!
Love, Sister Burgon*
*Only first initial of name used

A few more pictures for your viewing pleasure...
Pizza at the Pearson's
Made a SNOWBALL!!!
The cute Mr. & Mrs. Fleener and their pups

That's all folks...'til next week.