Monday, April 11, 2016



Thanks so much for all of the emails...I soooo appreciate the support! What an awesome week!! 

President Cleveland is THE BEST Mission President!!!

Some exciting things happened this week! We had Interviews with President Cleveland which were AMAZING!! He is one incredible person! I loved being able to talk to him and feel of his powerful spirit. We also had Zone Meeting this week too! We were all asked to prepare a talk and then a few of us would be chosen to give our talk...guess who got to give hers! This girl:) (good thing I prepared) haha it was so fun and a great experience! I love my zone! We learned how we should be using the Bible in our teaching more because everyone in Indiana knows the Bible. I'm super excited to get to know the Bible better and use it more as I teach. I know as we use both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, our lessons will be more powerful. Such a testimony that the Book of Mormon and the Bible really support each other. 

April Zone Conference

I* is off to China! We got a text from her the other day saying she made it safe and also got in touch with the area authority who helped her find a Church to go to on Sunday. Is this lady amazing or what? I feel like she's just a little missionary in China right now. 

L* is doing better than ever. She had the idea to create a stone pathway in her front yard and write different words on the stones with scriptures to back up the word. EX: Faith (Alma 32), Hope (Ether 12:4) etc. haha She is so cute! So she has been SEARCHING her scriptures all week to find different words. It's so exciting to see her love of the scriptures grow. We are also working with her to get her Patriarchal Blessing. I know she will LOVE it. 

We also had a cool experience to do service this week. We prepared food for a wedding that was being held at a mansion. But not just any mansion. Apparently it was the house of the guy that invented was an UNREAL house! We took a tour of the house and got lost haha it was so fun! I love service.

The Great and Spacious Building... people...It was huge!!!

Tracting Moment of the Week: (maybe the highlight of the whole week....) We felt prompted to go tract this one street. We walked up to a house that had 3 kids playing outside. They were super curious to who we were. We told them that we are missionaries and we talk to people about how Jesus Christ loves them. They thought that was super cool and followed us as we continued to tract. They were HILARIOUS. At one point they were running around us singing the Amazon Prime Commercial in unison. We were dying. So then I taught them the Plan of Salvation rap (It's on the Indiana Indianapolis Facebook page if you haven't seen it...coolest thing ever) Then they decided that they wanted to be missionaries too. So they went door to door with us saying, "We are missionaries. You love Jesus and Jesus loves you!" :) It was hilarious....I've never had an audience at a door before! We gave them pamphlets and they left us saying "You love Jesus and Jesus loves you!" and also rapping the Plan of Salvation. Seeds...Planted. haha I have high hopes for these kids:)   

Our rapping-tracking-Jesus-Loving kiddos!!! Aren't they the cutest bunch!!
This week I have seen how much happiness comes from the Gospel. I am so grateful for it! I know it is true! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Burgon*