Monday, September 26, 2016


h e l l o

T'was another amazing week! 
It was soooooo hot and then 
we woke up to a nice surprise this morning, 
it feels like fall:) 
Such a fun time of the year! 

KK I have some cool stories this week!

Last week I talked about that cheesy chipmunk parable...and this week we had it put to the test. We got invited to go to a members house Tuesday morning and learn how to make a dessert that she makes. The morning before we were suppose to go, I just did not feel good about it. I prayed and got the prompting to stay on campus and work....SO I told Sista Ben and she agreed. We didn't know why, but we just went with it. WELL when we got to campus, we found out our reason why! One of our new investigators, "K", the super solid one, had just experienced the craziest 24 hours I've ever heard of, and needed some support and help. So we talked and prayed with her and then we went all over campus trying to figure out her crazy situation. It was amazing, the whole time I was just so grateful for the prompting to stay and not go to the members house. Following promptings will ALWAYS be the right choice. She kept saying how we were an answer to prayers and I just knew that Heavenly Father was looking out for her. 

We had some awesome lessons this week where we taught them about the Book of Mormon! One of which was "A"! You know an investigator is prepared when they are ALREADY reading the Book of Mormon before you teach them about it! haha It was awesome, we always walk away from his lessons so amazed. This kid is incredible, and he is a completely different person than he was a month ago! And getting to those lessons is always an adventure, we walk farrrr distances to get there. Good times! 

We also had exchanges with the STL's this week AND Zone Meeting. We had an amazing training on teaching simply, which I love! The gospel truly is simple, I think that's why I love it so much. There is such a powerful spirit at those meetings. I looked around at all the missionaries, and just couldn't believe how blessed I was to be there. This mission is a blessing!!! 

"H" was confirmed this Sunday which was so exciting. Afterwards he said, "Will I always feel this warm?" That made me happy haha I hope and pray that he will always remember that moment and strive to keep that spirit with him all the time. It truly is a GIFT to receive the Holy Ghost. And a gift to be able to renew those baptismal covenants each Sunday. 

I LOVE the emphasis on charity in the Women's Conference this weekend. I decided to study up a little bit on charity and I had a cool realization. We know that Charity is the Pure Love of Christ, and I received a confirmation of that as I was studying. I read Moroni 7:45 and listed off all the attributes of charity as I read. I found that Charity is: Kind, Humble, Patient, Virtuous, Strong, Faithful, Hopeful, Positive, and Self-less. As I wrote all these down, I realized that these are all attributes of Christ. These are all things we can strive to become, and by doing that, we will become more Christlike. I can now see why Charity was such a big topic at the conference. I hope to be able to develop more real, undying charity! COOL STUFF!

I sure love you guys! Hope you have a wonderful week! Always in my thoughts and prayers!

Love, Sister Burgon*

Never know when these are going to come in handy!!! #handycandy

Have a wonderful week!
Sure love you!

Monday, September 19, 2016


h e l l o : ]

What an amazing week! Holy cow, I seriously feel so blessed! The other day I was reading through my old journal and I was just amazed at all the wonderful things that have happened. I know the Lord is watching out for us every day! Just another week in Terredise! :) I love being a missionary. 

This week was packed with appointments, i t  w a s  s o  f u n. There was one day in particular, I think Thursday, and it was just packed. We would get done with one lesson and race off to the next one! There was one lesson that we had with a guy named "C". We found him and sat down at the table he was at, and he had some friends we taught them too! hahaha At the end we asked if they would want to meet up again and learn more of our message and they both said yes! It was such a fun surprise that day!  We've been praying for help to improve how we teach college students. To be able to teach in a way that they can really apply the restoration to themselves and connect with it. So no better way to learn than to practice right? Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor...we definitely got a lot of practice:) I love it! 

We had an amazing lesson with a new investigator, "K". She told us that as a child, they went to her grandparents church, but decided to leave it because it just didn't feel right to them. They went church hopping to try to find that right feeling and could never find it in any church. SO they decided to stay home and do studies together as a family. So that's how she grew up. We explained to her about the Apostasy and the Restoration and she almost jumped out of her seat. it's like it all clicked to her why none of those churches had ever felt right to her. We asked, "What would it mean to you if you found out that Christ's church is here again on the earth?" And she said, "I'd never leave" "Get me to this church" hahaha we left that lesson in awweeee. What a great blessing to see that she has been prepared for a very very long time:) 

We also met with "H" and gave him one last lesson before his baptism. Last week we set a prayer alarm on his phone to go off every day at 4 o'clock to remind him to pray. We asked him if it had been working and he said yes, so we asked, "Did you pray when it went off?" and he replied very very loudly, "YEAH ALL SEVEN TIMES". Turns out that we accidentally left the snooze on this it goes off every few minutes after 4....and he had been praying every single time. We laughed for a solid 10 minutes :)

Then for the highlight of the week! "H" GOT BAPTIZED :) ahhhhh best day! He was so excited and brought his whole family!! He got all dressed up and I think it's safe to say that he was beaming. He got up right after the opening prayer and said, "Ok let's do this" hahaha he was sad to hear that he had to listen to a few talks first hahaha:) I was able to give a talk on baptism which was so fun! I gave him a Kit-Kat candybar and taught him that the way to remember his baptismal to remember a Kit-Kat bar! (keep the commandments) (always remember Him) and (take His name upon you). I always knew chocolate was inspired. But what a great spirit there is at baptisms. I love them with all my happy for "H" and the great example that he is setting for his family! PS: I also did a photo-shoot with him before his baptism and we made cute little handouts out of was heaven to be able to do some photography again...I'll send some pix:)... attached at the end of the post

The Parable of the Chipmunk...
Another cool experience this week...I've decided to call it, "The Parable of the Chipmunk" lololol. We saw the cutest, little chipmunk while PCing campus one we were going to go over to it...just to see it....(we're normal, do not worry) but before we got too far, I saw a guy and I had the strongest impression to go talk to him. That hasn't happened to me very much on campus, but this one was very strong. So we changed our route and awkwardly tried to catch up with him and find some casual way to start talking to, it turns out that he is a member from Indy...BUT he is extremely less active. He and his family have not been to church in years. We had no idea that he was here, and that he could be a part of our YSA. We were able to get his number and we are so excited to invite him to all the YSA activities and help him HOPEFULLY become active again. Can you imagine if we would have just gone to see the chipmunk instead? 

SO the parable is....there are many things in life to distract us...most times these distractions are not big, in fact they are very small and they seem innocent and harmless, but we must always be in a position to receive promptings of the spirit and FOLLOW them and leave our distractions behind. If we do, there will always be something greater than we could have imagined. 
"Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, which leadeth to destruction, and many there be who go in thereat; Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." ~3 Nephi 14:13-14
 So there is a random parable for your week:) You're welcome!

I sure love this Gospel, I know it is Christ's true church again established on the earth. I know it brings true and everlasting happiness and joy. 

Love, Sister Burgon*

8 MONTHS WUT!!??!!

Mom, "How'd you do that?"...S. Burgon, "hand sanitizer & fire...Totally safe mom!"

8 MONTHS!!!!!

"H's" BIG DAY!!!


so 'til next week this is S. Burgon & S. Ben reminding y'all to
have fun and think of chipmunks...
wait...don't get distracted... stay focused and
Keep the faith!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello Hello!! 
What an amazing week!! SO MUCH HAPPENED!! 
I hope that you all had a good one! 
I love hearing about it, thanks for all the emails and support :) 
Y'all are great!

This week started out with a drive to Indy for a doctor's appointment for sister Ben. While she was in the appointment, I was in the waiting room talking the most hilarious girl ever. She started a conversation about how the Nazi's changed pink to a feminine color and about how her baby was going to be born a feminist. haha There truly is never a dull moment. 

We were also blessed to have lots and lots and lots of finding time. Many of our scheduled appointments canceled, not all of them...but many, so we had tons of time to PC around campus and find LOTS of cool new people! Our upcoming week is packed haha so exciting! We are still working to perfect our PCing...I think we are getting better, but it sure is fun! There's not a right or a wrong way to we have fun experimenting with new ways! I'm excited to meet with these new people though! 

We had another amazing lesson with "A". He is progressing sooooo well! We talked about the change that has happened in him as he has learned more about Christ and lived this gospel! He is a new person, he seriously has such a light about him! Despite all the trials that he has been facing, he has found joy because of Christ's Atonement. It's been such a humbling experience to learn from him and his situation. 

"H" did his baptismal interview this week and I got to listen was hilarious and I've never been so proud. It went something like this, " "H", what does it mean to keep the law of Chastity?" "It means treating girls right and not dating until your 16". "What does it mean to keep the Sabbath day holy?" "Go to church, do good things and don't go shopping, even though Walmart is open 24/7." haha His answers were just adorable and he's so excited to get baptized! We are soooo happy for him! It's awesome to see how much he has learned! 

Hiding from Tornadoes
We also got to hide in the church this week while we waiting for a tornado to pass. It was so much fun! We watched the storm and it was sooooo cool! :) One of these days, we will see a tornado! 

I've been reading about Alma and Amulek this week and I have learned so much from them. #MissionaryGoals!! At one point, after they had been rejected and persecuted...and watched all the righteous be persecuted and killed as well, Alma humbly says, 
"Be it according to the will of the Lord"
His faith and trust in the Lord is such a great example to me. I know that if we put ALL our trust in the Lord, and do what he asks, then He will deliver us to the path that He has in store for us. I have seen that so much this week! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Burgon*

Monday, September 5, 2016


Hello errybudy! :)
Happy September! Hope you all had a super week!! 

We had another great one this week! It started with transfers which I had to say bye to my sweet Sister Stucki! :( I sure love her! <3 And I said hello to my cute new companion, Sister Ben. She is from Colorado, has been out for 13 months, and is Navajo. She's wonderful :) I LOVE being able to see everyone at transfers. The friendships that you make on missions are just the best. It was fun to be back in the city for a little bit too! And....we got a van...and it's red...we all love it haha

We definitely saw some cool miracles this week. We were able to teach a ton of people that we found last week and I think we were lead to some pretty solid people. It will be fun to see how they progress and grow. There's one in particular, his name is "A". We met him on campus and he told us that he had actually found a Book of Mormon in a thrift store and read the whole thing when he was in 6th grade. He said that he's actually been wanting to reread it and apply it to his life and that he's also searching for a path for himself. We met with him this week and taught him what the Book of Mormon was, and how it came to be, and how to apply it to himself. He was super interested and is excited to learn more. When we showed up to the appointment, he was reading the Book of Mormon while waiting for us. I'm so excited about him! I can't wait to feel the spirit of the Book of Mormon and feel the impact that it has on his life.

We met with "H" this week and taught him about tithing/ fasting/ and fast offerings. We made fake money and taught him how to sort out 10% for tithing. He filled out the slip and on the front of the envelope wrote, "To God and Jeses" haha it was adorable. And such a great reminder that we are showing Heavenly Father our love by giving back just a little bit. "H" really is doing so well, he's getting excited about his baptism...and so are we :) 

"A" is doing amaaaazing as well! He showed up to the lesson this week just beaming. We asked why he was so happy and he said that he didn't know. After talking with him, he said that he's been studying his scriptures intensely this week, and we told him that his happiness is definitely coming from the spirit that has been with him, and from the power that comes from searching the scriptures. I lovveeee that such happiness can come from immersing ourselves in the Gospel. 

Also a quick funny story...campus brings many mighty funny interactions with people...and this one was a good I will share. We met a dude and got talking to him...about Jesus of course...and in the middle he stops and asks..."I know this is a long shot but wanna go to dinner with me?" hahaha ha ha hmm... funny! Never a dull moment here.

This week I was really touched by the scripture 1 Nephi 3:7
"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."
I know that the Lord prepares a way for us to accomplish everything that he wants us to do. He will assist us and never leave us alone. As one of our awesome YSA said this week, quoting Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come what may, and love it.".  AMEN BROTHA! 

Have an amazing week! 

xoxo, Sister Burgon*

Our Ward Missionaries
Cute S. Ben
Have a great week...stay "cool boss!"