Monday, September 26, 2016


h e l l o

T'was another amazing week! 
It was soooooo hot and then 
we woke up to a nice surprise this morning, 
it feels like fall:) 
Such a fun time of the year! 

KK I have some cool stories this week!

Last week I talked about that cheesy chipmunk parable...and this week we had it put to the test. We got invited to go to a members house Tuesday morning and learn how to make a dessert that she makes. The morning before we were suppose to go, I just did not feel good about it. I prayed and got the prompting to stay on campus and work....SO I told Sista Ben and she agreed. We didn't know why, but we just went with it. WELL when we got to campus, we found out our reason why! One of our new investigators, "K", the super solid one, had just experienced the craziest 24 hours I've ever heard of, and needed some support and help. So we talked and prayed with her and then we went all over campus trying to figure out her crazy situation. It was amazing, the whole time I was just so grateful for the prompting to stay and not go to the members house. Following promptings will ALWAYS be the right choice. She kept saying how we were an answer to prayers and I just knew that Heavenly Father was looking out for her. 

We had some awesome lessons this week where we taught them about the Book of Mormon! One of which was "A"! You know an investigator is prepared when they are ALREADY reading the Book of Mormon before you teach them about it! haha It was awesome, we always walk away from his lessons so amazed. This kid is incredible, and he is a completely different person than he was a month ago! And getting to those lessons is always an adventure, we walk farrrr distances to get there. Good times! 

We also had exchanges with the STL's this week AND Zone Meeting. We had an amazing training on teaching simply, which I love! The gospel truly is simple, I think that's why I love it so much. There is such a powerful spirit at those meetings. I looked around at all the missionaries, and just couldn't believe how blessed I was to be there. This mission is a blessing!!! 

"H" was confirmed this Sunday which was so exciting. Afterwards he said, "Will I always feel this warm?" That made me happy haha I hope and pray that he will always remember that moment and strive to keep that spirit with him all the time. It truly is a GIFT to receive the Holy Ghost. And a gift to be able to renew those baptismal covenants each Sunday. 

I LOVE the emphasis on charity in the Women's Conference this weekend. I decided to study up a little bit on charity and I had a cool realization. We know that Charity is the Pure Love of Christ, and I received a confirmation of that as I was studying. I read Moroni 7:45 and listed off all the attributes of charity as I read. I found that Charity is: Kind, Humble, Patient, Virtuous, Strong, Faithful, Hopeful, Positive, and Self-less. As I wrote all these down, I realized that these are all attributes of Christ. These are all things we can strive to become, and by doing that, we will become more Christlike. I can now see why Charity was such a big topic at the conference. I hope to be able to develop more real, undying charity! COOL STUFF!

I sure love you guys! Hope you have a wonderful week! Always in my thoughts and prayers!

Love, Sister Burgon*

Never know when these are going to come in handy!!! #handycandy

Have a wonderful week!
Sure love you!