Tuesday, May 30, 2017


SO this week was j a m  p a c k e d. Holy cow. 
So much happened. 
SO I will summarize- hang in tight. 

This week we...
  • Went on exchanges with Greencastle sisters!! I was with Sister Ostermiller, who I came out with, and LOVE!!! It was an absolutely inspired exchange and cool things happened the whole entire time. Including teaching Jeffrey and helping him prepare for the Temple!! And a lady approached us who is in-active...and we have all these connections of people we both know, so that was super meant to be and we can't wait to help her more!! never ever ever a dull moment with exchanges:) plus is was a pretty day!
  • C____r actually has been reading the Book of Mormon and absolutely loving it...he's making world's of progress. C____a LOVED being taught the Plan of Salvation and came to church and fit right in. Every single talk and lesson was prepared for her...i promise, and she couldn't be more ready and excited to be baptized:) J______ all the sudden has this HUGE desire to come back to church and go to the Temple, and M___ (a Catholic) prayed and opened up the Book of Mormon in our lesson and got an answer right then and there...whoooaaaa #ChurchIsTrue
  • Took J______ and E____ to the Temple!! It was Jeffrey's very first time and he brought both of his grandparent's names to be baptized for!! There was an especially strong spirit in the Temple this time, it was super touching. J______ said, "there really aren't words to describe what a great experience it was". Amen brotha. This kid is incredible. After the Temple, he hit some MAJOR trials- he could use some extra prayers if you don't mind!!! But he's full of faith and really incredible. 
  • Since we've talked-we've had two pdays, one we went to the Indy 500 practice rounds- WHICH WAS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE MOVIE CARS...I was in a Heaven I didn't know existed before then hahaha...and then the next pday, we went hiking...which is totally in my element so it was just plain wonderful. 
So conclusion? Busy week, lots happened kind-of-week, Great week, Miracles this week, "came home tired" every single day kind-of-week, I love this work kind-of-week, had the most amazing experiences with the Lord strengthening me -kind-of-week. 

And the only way I know how to accuratley describe my gratitude to Heavenly Father for it all and reflect what this week was in a nutshell...is by turning to a scripture: 
"And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." ~D&C 84:88
Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: Indy 500, 

 exchanges with Sista Ostermiller, being goofy with Sista Ostermiller, 

E____ and J______ at the Temple, 

shining through the storm,

p-day hike,



Monday, May 22, 2017

greenie FIRE?

Hello familia and friends!!

Gotta be quick today but this week was a great one!!! J___ suprised us in one of his lessons and told us that he is all the way up to 2 Nephi 32 in his personal reading! WHAT...you go boy!! Z___ has just been full of faith as he hit some trials, he's just amazing. And M_____ studied the Priesthood on his own this week, as part of his commitments, and came fully prepared to teach US a lesson on the Priesthood. We were blown away!! And all this, in preparation for them to RECEIVE THE PRIESTHOOD THIS SUNDAY!! They were beaming. We were just so happy for them! SO PROUD!

We got to be in charge of the activity for FHE! We talked about easily-simply-and powerfully introducing the Book of Mormon to our friends. We had the YSA come up with a "twitter-message" about the Book of Mormon...because isn't a short, powerful introduction statement basically a tweet? They had lots of fun with it and got creative. Then we challenged them to expound their "tweet" into a testimony, write it in the BoM, and give it to someone!! Super fun:) scrrriippptttuurreee poowwweeerr!!!

Guess what guess what!! Remember my homies J______ and A'S____ from Terre Haute? Well they are from Indianapolis, so when they aren't going to school in T-Haute, they are living HERE!!!! Can we talk about how cool that is that I get to still teach them in this area too?????? So we got to meet with J______ and he just WOW'd us...like a lot. He told us everything he has learned and accomplished, the opposition he's been faithfully overcoming, and then we even set goals for the summer on everything he'd like to do. He's incredible!! 
Brother J______!!!!
Sweet Sister A'S_____!!!!

We got to have a lesson with C____ this week and she is doing so well I can't even explain it. Guess who accepted a baptismal date for JUNE 17th?? THIS GIRL!!! Even with not a lot of family support, she truly believes and knows this is right for her, and that it's worth it. Her faith is so inspiring! 

We learned a really powerful lesson this week. Some elders serving close by had a really crazy thing happen, their apartment caught on fire and they lost everything except the clothes they were wearing that day. Everything! Sister Gray and I went home that night and walked around our apartment thinking, "if all this was gone today, what would we miss?" We came to the conclusion that we wouldn't miss anything...and we would only take two things with us. 1. Our personal scriptures and 2. each other. The fact was that none of it mattered. It's all material things...its replaceable. The gospel and those we love are most important. Nothing else is!! We were super grateful for that experience to have that perspective. And update on the story-the elders are doing well!!!:) 

~ If you would like to help the Elder's The Mission President is accepting donated pre-paid visa cards ... send donations to the Mission office... 
Indiana Indianapolis Mission, 777 Sunblest Boulevard, Fishers IN 46038-1167. Thank YOU!!!!

Just a scripture that really touched me during my studies, and that we just can't be reminded enough about. 
"Know ye not that ye are in the hands of GOD?..." ~Mormon 5:23

I know you are. He is aware, and HE has it all under control. 

Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: exchanges with Sister Forseth and look...we matched!, 

Sister Gray "I remember one thing that I must have with me if we had to leave a fire" *walks me out to the mirror...this is what I see ...awe, 

Why I Believe Conference with the crewww,

da boys

Monday, May 15, 2017


Hey friends!! 
This week was ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat 
and super super fast!!!

We got to go to transfers AND MLC this week...lots of fun meetings going on! I went to MLC hoping to get some answers to some prayers and the inspiration came flowing. It's amazing how the spirit will speak to us as we listen!!!! SUPER GRATEFUL FOR THE SPIRIT.

We got to meet from Z___, J___, and M_____ each individually and hear their experience that they had at their baptism last week. It was absolutely incredible to hear it from their side of things. Just the amount of excitement they each had about it all makes me so happy. The gospel truly does bring happiness:) Then we had them write down their experience as we listened to hymns and it's crazy how powerful the spirit was as they each reflected on what a special decision they had made...and recorded it all down. M_____ wrote like 3 pages even hahaha. They even got interviewed for the Priesthood and will get that soooooooon! YAYAYAYAYAY:) 

We met with C____ again and she is doing goooooood. so goooood. She is already very far into the Book of Mormon, she watched scripture videos online, and already loves the YSA. She has moments in the lesson where things just click with her...and then she comes up with this super sweet analogy that Sister Gray and I have never heard and we just kinda look at each other in awe. haha she's coooooooool. She even came to institute and got to watch the Young Adult broadcast. NEATTTTT!

A___ is amazing. I say it a lot, but she's just that amazing. This week we got to talk about the Restoration some more! She was very real with the questions and concerns that she had which was awesome because we got to see where she is at, where she is coming from, and really have an awesome discussion. She is teaching me a lot about "being present" as she calls it. Basically meaning, be real. be here mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as much as you are here physically. be all in!! I really really love that...and her :) These people are incredible. 

And can we talk about Sunday? it was so great...so great...happy and great....like...great great great. whhyyyyyy? well, it was sunny. members are awesome. got to serve. take the sacrament. i love the ysa. and some other reason too...hmm....OH YES DUH...I GOT TO SKYPE HOME!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAYYY MOMMMMM. i love mothers day. I love mom. love mom. love ya mom!

I was reminded how important it is to  g i v e  t h a n k s  freely!! TO EVERYONE!! And most importantly to Heavenly Father. CHALLENGE: try to find creative ways to give thanks to those around you! We are blessed with so much, people give endlessly, we are all family here-let's show the love!
"And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is hiwrath kindledsave those whconfess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments. But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his rewardeven peace in this world, and eternal life in the world tcome" ~D&C 59:21, 23
Love ya! Thanks for all the help and support and prayers!  g g r a a t e f u u u l l l :)
Love, Sister Burgon*
Pix...we found our pet...and named it sam...then set him free a few minutes later
 & just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a Butterfly!



Monday, May 8, 2017

POURING blessings


This week was one I will remember for a long time, for a few reasons. One, it rained all week. Two, it 'poured' BLESSINGS all week. :) see what I did there haha OH and super good news, SISTER GRAY AND I ARE BOTH STAYING ANOTHER TRANSFER. So grateful about that....this is too good to break up President please and thank you:)

WELL FOLKS, WE MADE IT!! On Saturday, Z___, J___, and M_____ were all baptized!!!!! There are not words to accurately express how amazing it was and how grateful I am. This week we rallied around each other to fight Satan off as hard as we could, and to bring the spirit as much as possible. On Wednesday, we all fasted together; the boys' very first fast!! We called each of them individually and listened as they started their fast with a humble and amazing prayer and then texted each other throughout the day. THEY DID IT. They were all so excited. M_____ even sent us a text that said, "This is nothin, I really feel God giving me strength." it was just the best. I can honestly say we felt the powers of Heaven upon each of us. This was one fast that I can honestly say I was not hungry the WHOLE TIME! AMAZING!! 

As the big day got closer, they got more and more excited. Before their baptismal interview, J___ said, "I couldn't even sleep I was so excited". The night before their baptism Z___ texted, "I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this day for a long time". LOTS of really amazing moments with them this week. AND THEN SATURDAY FINALLY CAME!! They all brought their families and friends, many missionaries came to support, and even President and Sister Carlson came too. J___ went first, then M_____, then Z___. They were baptized by E_____, who got baptized just 4 months ago. It was a very very very special moment. It was very overwhelming to watch as three young men made such an important promise with God, I could feel Him so proud of each one of them. Safe to say that everyone there was impacted by the spirit there. I asked Z___ and J___'s dad how it felt to watch his boys do that, and he replied, "It's extremely overwhelming". Good job boys, ya did it!!! 

Sunday they were confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost...even though we had a regional broadcast...but it worked out perfect. Each one of their blessings was very special. They are some remarkable people with big things coming their way. 

As if this week couldn't get any better...it did:) We taught our lovely A___ the restoration and she said that it kept answering all the questions she didn't know she had!! It was awesome. I can't say enough good things about this girl. We just keep seeing her continue to totally EXCELLLLLL in her testimony! Oh...and she casually mentioned that she shared the Plan of Salvation with one of her friends who was struggling. SHE'S ALREADY A MISSIONARYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said...she's cool. real cool. 

This week was the last week of the semester for IUPUI...which means that most of our students will be leaving...so what did the Lord do? HE GAVE US REFERRALS...and lots of them:) Meet C____. She is incredible. C____ was a referral from a Mormon Chat online. She agreed to meet up the very day we texted her. Not even two minutes into the meeting, she starts telling us about how she was inspired by a Mormon family on YouTube, and wants a family like that in her life. She realized for herself that her religion was not right, and started seeking to find what was. FOR TWO YEARS C____ has investigated the church on her own, without meeting with missionaries. She even does family history and found that she is related to a Mormon family. She knows just about everything. She sat there and basically told us a miraculous converstion story...and we. were. all. in. awe. I asked her, "C____, do you believe that this is true?" And she looked at me and said, "I really do". ...... .... .... ..... ........ .... ... ... ... what? She has literally been being prepared for TWO YEARS, and we got to meet her because she said she just had to follow the "nagging feeling" to call us. She even came to the baptism on Saturday and said that she LOVED it. SO, I don't really have much to say...I'm just in awe...stay tuned...IM EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GAL GOES! She's going big:) 

other quick highlights: 
-C____2 had the coolest realization, "scriptures are actually prayers written down"
-M_____ brought his cousin to the baptism, and now he wants to learn more!!!!! 
-We got to go to the Temple as A'____ did baptisms for the first time!! And I got to see Sister Kammerman and Alapa :) 

Sad note: We had to say goodbye to our dear Emily who is travelling back home!!! She honestly has blessed us here and has created such an impact. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU EM!!!! 

Funny story: 
On Sunday, we were invited to dinner with a family who attends the spanish branch. They made home-made tacos and served them to us 3 at a time, plate by plate. I actually did finish 3...and then the dad told a story of "Sacrifice" ....basically applied the gospel into a convincing story that I must eat more....(they didn't take no for an option really hahahaha) SO I HAD 6.....6!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA Sister Gray had 8....and Elder Cox had 19....Elder McBride had....20....20 tacos!!!!!! hahaha it was awesome...i'm still full. 

I LOVE THIS WORK I LOVE THIS GOSPEL I LOVE MY SAVIOR I LOVE BEING HERE AT THIS TIME. I LOVE MY DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER WHO IS ACCOMPLISHING HIS WORK IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY HERE. I just can't say it enough:) Love you! Thanks for all the love support and prayers, we feel them...yes we do!

Love, Sister Burgon*

pix: a very very full White River, 

  my cute comp with a pretty cool backdrop, 

we're all walking on sunshiiiiiiiine, 
They did it:) 

Monday, May 1, 2017


hiiiillloooooo family and friends :) 
happy MAY! 
crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy...whhheerrreee iiisss tthhheeee ttiimmmmeeeee gggooiiinnnggggg...okay, i'm done:) 

This week was a super big "Fan Tastic" and it all started out with a liiiittllee bit of a sketchy experience...in my dear companion's words, "college housing is sketch. drugs are gross. we wont be teaching that investigator again....." haha but the Lord protects and heals scaring images in our brain. SO that was a fun experience...we coped with Chic Fil A...so it was extra fun. 😎

We ended our exchanges for this transfer with one last fantastic one with Sister Crook and Sister Forseth. I got to bring Sister Crook to campus and we had an awesome time. We were blessed with lots and lots of finding time...so we were outside alllll dayyy long...and I. got. fried. Hello summer, please stick around:) Nothing like a good ol farmers tan :) i'm quite proud. But it was an awesome exchange. We found one girl who is reeallllyyy searching for a church. We shared the Restoration with her and asked her what it would mean to her to find out it was true. She replied, "It would answer every question I've ever had". Amen sis

We finished out the night, after exchanges, by teaching dear A___...she's so cute! All week she has been sneakily listening to General Conference talks at work, and reading her Book of Mormon at any moment possible. Her faith has completely sky-rocketed. She is truly teaching US. And there's nothing more powerful than reading the Book of Mormon together. 

We taught M_____ about the Law of Chastity...and it was probably the best LoC lesson ever...and he is E X C I T E D to be baptized this Saturday. He passed his baptismal interview and is on fire!!

SO, story time...we showed up to teach Z___ and J___ about the 10 commandments and the Word of Wisdom...well by the end of the lesson, we had taught the 10 commandments, Sabbath day, not swearing, and the Word of Wisdom. How? Because they are just that prepared! Adam, our super stellar YSA fellow-shipper/helper/friend/etc, shared a really cool experience of the blessings that have come as we keep the Sabbath Day holy by not doing homework on that day. Well then later that night at institute, we noticed that J___ wasn't there. We sent him a text and he responded, "No I won't be able to make it this time. I went home to do my homework so that I won't have to do it on Sunday" .... we won't mention the little freak out moment we had in the middle of institute following that text....😊

And one of the greatest highlights of the week was getting permission to Skype my brother, Eric, as he GOT HIS MISSION CALL!!! CALLED TO SERVE!!!! WOHOOO So proud of ya buddy!! Yay for technology, Yay for my awesome mission president giving me permission, Yay for Eric, Yay for missions ❤ You are going to change lives Elder Burgon! WUV YAHHH!!!!! 
Elder Burgon...Assigned to labor in the California Los Angeles Mission!!!!
ps. We'll have 2 weeks together when I get home before he leaves!!!! 

Last night we had the coolest experience to be able to teach Z___, J___, and M____ AND E____ all together. We prepared and planned for their baptism and took them to the Temple. It was amazing to hear each of them share how the Gospel has helped and changed them...and to hear of the changes they've seen in each other along the way. They're doing it! They're ready!! This is the most humbling experience to be a part of. I cannot even say how grateful I am.  Saturday is going to be onneee greattt day. 

I've been really feeling strongly that the message that Heavenly Father is sending me is to: Focus on Jesus. As Elder Sabin and Elder Bragg said from conference, 

"We are children of God. Receiving light, continuing in God and receiving more light are what we are created to do. From the beginning, we followed the light; we followed our Heavenly Father and His plan. Seeking the light is in our spiritual DNA"…"It is time to stand up and defend His plan again."

I want to invite you to spend a little bit more time this week focusing on Jesus, in your own way...It's between you and Him. Blessings beyond your belief come when you do.

Love, Sister Burgon*

PIX: they day i got fried..., the skyping crew....i heart emmmiiillyyy, snow cone tongues