Monday, May 8, 2017

POURING blessings


This week was one I will remember for a long time, for a few reasons. One, it rained all week. Two, it 'poured' BLESSINGS all week. :) see what I did there haha OH and super good news, SISTER GRAY AND I ARE BOTH STAYING ANOTHER TRANSFER. So grateful about that....this is too good to break up President please and thank you:)

WELL FOLKS, WE MADE IT!! On Saturday, Z___, J___, and M_____ were all baptized!!!!! There are not words to accurately express how amazing it was and how grateful I am. This week we rallied around each other to fight Satan off as hard as we could, and to bring the spirit as much as possible. On Wednesday, we all fasted together; the boys' very first fast!! We called each of them individually and listened as they started their fast with a humble and amazing prayer and then texted each other throughout the day. THEY DID IT. They were all so excited. M_____ even sent us a text that said, "This is nothin, I really feel God giving me strength." it was just the best. I can honestly say we felt the powers of Heaven upon each of us. This was one fast that I can honestly say I was not hungry the WHOLE TIME! AMAZING!! 

As the big day got closer, they got more and more excited. Before their baptismal interview, J___ said, "I couldn't even sleep I was so excited". The night before their baptism Z___ texted, "I'm so excited, I've been waiting for this day for a long time". LOTS of really amazing moments with them this week. AND THEN SATURDAY FINALLY CAME!! They all brought their families and friends, many missionaries came to support, and even President and Sister Carlson came too. J___ went first, then M_____, then Z___. They were baptized by E_____, who got baptized just 4 months ago. It was a very very very special moment. It was very overwhelming to watch as three young men made such an important promise with God, I could feel Him so proud of each one of them. Safe to say that everyone there was impacted by the spirit there. I asked Z___ and J___'s dad how it felt to watch his boys do that, and he replied, "It's extremely overwhelming". Good job boys, ya did it!!! 

Sunday they were confirmed and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost...even though we had a regional broadcast...but it worked out perfect. Each one of their blessings was very special. They are some remarkable people with big things coming their way. 

As if this week couldn't get any did:) We taught our lovely A___ the restoration and she said that it kept answering all the questions she didn't know she had!! It was awesome. I can't say enough good things about this girl. We just keep seeing her continue to totally EXCELLLLLL in her testimony! Oh...and she casually mentioned that she shared the Plan of Salvation with one of her friends who was struggling. SHE'S ALREADY A MISSIONARYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said...she's cool. real cool. 

This week was the last week of the semester for IUPUI...which means that most of our students will be what did the Lord do? HE GAVE US REFERRALS...and lots of them:) Meet C____. She is incredible. C____ was a referral from a Mormon Chat online. She agreed to meet up the very day we texted her. Not even two minutes into the meeting, she starts telling us about how she was inspired by a Mormon family on YouTube, and wants a family like that in her life. She realized for herself that her religion was not right, and started seeking to find what was. FOR TWO YEARS C____ has investigated the church on her own, without meeting with missionaries. She even does family history and found that she is related to a Mormon family. She knows just about everything. She sat there and basically told us a miraculous converstion story...and we. were. all. in. awe. I asked her, "C____, do you believe that this is true?" And she looked at me and said, "I really do". ...... .... .... ..... ........ .... ... ... ... what? She has literally been being prepared for TWO YEARS, and we got to meet her because she said she just had to follow the "nagging feeling" to call us. She even came to the baptism on Saturday and said that she LOVED it. SO, I don't really have much to say...I'm just in awe...stay tuned...IM EXCITED TO SEE WHERE THIS GAL GOES! She's going big:) 

other quick highlights: 
-C____2 had the coolest realization, "scriptures are actually prayers written down"
-M_____ brought his cousin to the baptism, and now he wants to learn more!!!!! 
-We got to go to the Temple as A'____ did baptisms for the first time!! And I got to see Sister Kammerman and Alapa :) 

Sad note: We had to say goodbye to our dear Emily who is travelling back home!!! She honestly has blessed us here and has created such an impact. WE ARE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU EM!!!! 

Funny story: 
On Sunday, we were invited to dinner with a family who attends the spanish branch. They made home-made tacos and served them to us 3 at a time, plate by plate. I actually did finish 3...and then the dad told a story of "Sacrifice" ....basically applied the gospel into a convincing story that I must eat more....(they didn't take no for an option really hahahaha) SO I HAD 6.....6!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA Sister Gray had 8....and Elder Cox had 19....Elder McBride had....20....20 tacos!!!!!! hahaha it was awesome...i'm still full. 

I LOVE THIS WORK I LOVE THIS GOSPEL I LOVE MY SAVIOR I LOVE BEING HERE AT THIS TIME. I LOVE MY DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER WHO IS ACCOMPLISHING HIS WORK IN A BEAUTIFUL WAY HERE. I just can't say it enough:) Love you! Thanks for all the love support and prayers, we feel them...yes we do!

Love, Sister Burgon*

pix: a very very full White River, 

  my cute comp with a pretty cool backdrop, 

we're all walking on sunshiiiiiiiine, 
They did it:)