Monday, May 22, 2017

greenie FIRE?

Hello familia and friends!!

Gotta be quick today but this week was a great one!!! J___ suprised us in one of his lessons and told us that he is all the way up to 2 Nephi 32 in his personal reading! go boy!! Z___ has just been full of faith as he hit some trials, he's just amazing. And M_____ studied the Priesthood on his own this week, as part of his commitments, and came fully prepared to teach US a lesson on the Priesthood. We were blown away!! And all this, in preparation for them to RECEIVE THE PRIESTHOOD THIS SUNDAY!! They were beaming. We were just so happy for them! SO PROUD!

We got to be in charge of the activity for FHE! We talked about easily-simply-and powerfully introducing the Book of Mormon to our friends. We had the YSA come up with a "twitter-message" about the Book of Mormon...because isn't a short, powerful introduction statement basically a tweet? They had lots of fun with it and got creative. Then we challenged them to expound their "tweet" into a testimony, write it in the BoM, and give it to someone!! Super fun:) scrrriippptttuurreee poowwweeerr!!!

Guess what guess what!! Remember my homies J______ and A'S____ from Terre Haute? Well they are from Indianapolis, so when they aren't going to school in T-Haute, they are living HERE!!!! Can we talk about how cool that is that I get to still teach them in this area too?????? So we got to meet with J______ and he just WOW'd a lot. He told us everything he has learned and accomplished, the opposition he's been faithfully overcoming, and then we even set goals for the summer on everything he'd like to do. He's incredible!! 
Brother J______!!!!
Sweet Sister A'S_____!!!!

We got to have a lesson with C____ this week and she is doing so well I can't even explain it. Guess who accepted a baptismal date for JUNE 17th?? THIS GIRL!!! Even with not a lot of family support, she truly believes and knows this is right for her, and that it's worth it. Her faith is so inspiring! 

We learned a really powerful lesson this week. Some elders serving close by had a really crazy thing happen, their apartment caught on fire and they lost everything except the clothes they were wearing that day. Everything! Sister Gray and I went home that night and walked around our apartment thinking, "if all this was gone today, what would we miss?" We came to the conclusion that we wouldn't miss anything...and we would only take two things with us. 1. Our personal scriptures and 2. each other. The fact was that none of it mattered. It's all material things...its replaceable. The gospel and those we love are most important. Nothing else is!! We were super grateful for that experience to have that perspective. And update on the story-the elders are doing well!!!:) 

~ If you would like to help the Elder's The Mission President is accepting donated pre-paid visa cards ... send donations to the Mission office... 
Indiana Indianapolis Mission, 777 Sunblest Boulevard, Fishers IN 46038-1167. Thank YOU!!!!

Just a scripture that really touched me during my studies, and that we just can't be reminded enough about. 
"Know ye not that ye are in the hands of GOD?..." ~Mormon 5:23

I know you are. He is aware, and HE has it all under control. 

Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: exchanges with Sister Forseth and look...we matched!, 

Sister Gray "I remember one thing that I must have with me if we had to leave a fire" *walks me out to the mirror...this is what I see ...awe, 

Why I Believe Conference with the crewww,

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