Monday, February 27, 2017


HELLO- Holy Cow, what a wonderful week! 

It was SO productive in the work. There was so many miracles....this is exciting isn't it:) This week has been HUGE on receiving referrals and contacting former investigators and picking up our own PREPARED new investigators! WOOT! This IS the work of the doubt about it:)

One day we had the most amazing finding experiences! We decided to follow the elders advice that they had just given us to sit down in the middle of campus, pray to find someone prepared to teach, and work! SO we did:) As we finished saying our prayer, a member of the YSA walked over to us. We asked him who we should teach, he looked around for a few mins and then confidently pointed to a man sitting at a table under a tree. We got up to go talk to him and passed one of our new investigators on the way. As we passed, he said, "Excited for our meeting next week!!" hahaha YES!!! We talked to the man under the tree who ended up being SUPER solid and I think its safe to say that the elders advice...was right:) 

We taught K_ this week and she accepted a baptismal invitation! PROGRESS! woohoo:)

Another random highlight of the week...we got a new thats been fun:)

D_, a recent convert/less active randomly showed up at the church this week after institute. He said he had a bad day and prayed and God lead him to our church. He came inside, prayed for a friend, and then all the sudden had a group show up around him- helping him to feel loved. He came to church this week, paid his tithing for all the past time that he'd missed, and was glowing. SUPER sweet experience for sure!!

C_ made MASSIVE progress this week. He didn't respond to our texts all week long but still came to his appointment. We asked how his praying had gone and he was excited to tell us that he had prayed every morning and night since we had met last week. He said it made a huge difference in his week and felt more confident that God was there for him! YAY C_! Keep that fire homie:) 

We also had some super amazing experirences-MIRACLES- with S_, M_, and I_...which you will just have to take my word for...because i am out of time. haha my apologies....but know that this work IS moving forward, there are people ready to be harvested, and the Lord is guiding them to us-and us to them.

Oh...and yes...our dishwasher did catch on fire this week....never a dull moment :) 

I love this work with all my heart. I know this church is Christ's full, restored Gospel on the earth. I love being a missionary and I LOVE YOU! Have a happy week!! You can make a difference:) 

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy."
~ALMA 29:9

Love, Sister Burgon*
pics: The District...Soooo many missionaries!!!

Indy skyline at night!😍

Sister missionaries at night!

 Have a fabulous week!!! 
Watch for miracles!!! 
They are happening ALL the time!

See y'all later!

Monday, February 20, 2017



Guess what! I'm in a new area!! Crazy to leave Terre will always have my heart! But this week has been so much fun and I'm loving campus...and Sister Griffiths...shoutout to Sister Griffiths haha:) 

This week I got to go on an exchange with sweet Sister Ostermiller. It was awesome! We had a super cool miracle happen too...okay okay it started when we went tracting....we found this sweet old lady named "J" who was going through a rough time...we got to talk to her and she became a great potential!! Well then we started contacting referrals that had never been contacted in the past and while we were reading the list of referrals, we realized that "J" was on there!! Crazy-she is meant to be taught :) We were super excited to find her:) 

And then there was Friday...probably my favorite day of the week. It was close to 70 degrees and we got to PC almost all day. And we found the coolest people! There was one guy named Chris who had met the missionaries on campus over two years ago, received a Book of Mormon from the Elders last week, had a Mormon boss, had a Mormon neighbor, and is super prepared. We were amazed at all the "coincidences" that we ran into while talking to him...he was amazed too! 

We also got to take "E" and "M", two recent converts, to the Temple on Saturday! There is nothing more powerful than seeing recent converts come to the Temple and do baptisms for the dead. I got to see some of my Terre Haute friends there too! BONUS:) I freaked out:)

SUPER pumped for this area - its a good one:) I came across the coolest promise in the scriptures to one of my favorite verses. Alma 37:6...
"By Small and Simple thing are great things brought to pass." 
Here is the promise found in verse 16, 
"But if ye keep the commandments of God, and do with these things which are sacred according to that which the Lord doth command you, (for you must appeal unto the Lord for all things whatsoever ye must do with them) behold, no power of earth or hell can take them from you, for God is powerful to the fulfilling of all his words." :) 


Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: A few more goodbyes from Terredise!!!!

At transfers I got to see my cute Compie Comp...
Sister Ben!!!!

 And some amazing Mission friends!!!! 💜

EXCHANGES with Ostermiller and Reed!!!!



Thursday, February 16, 2017


Dear Brother & Sister Burgon,

Your daughter, Emily Burgon, has accepted the assignment to serve as a Sister Trainer Leader for the Indiana Indianapolis Mission. During each six-week transfer period, each sister missionary companionship will engage in a twenty-four hour companion exchange with another missionary pair. The purpose of each exchange is to allow the exchanging missionary to evaluate the activities and the teaching effectiveness of the missionary with whom she has the exchange.

Your daughter's responsibility will be to plan, coordinate, and submit activity reports with respect to all exchanges of sister missionaries within the mission. As you know, Sister Burgon's dedication and organizational skills make her well suited for this new responsibility. Her work will be extremely helpful to me as I facilitate sister-missionary companionship assignments and transfers.

You should be very proud of your daughter. She is an excellent missionary and has brought the light of the gospel into the lives of many. Sister Carlson and I have grown to love and respect her very much. Thank you for raising such a fine daughter of God.


Daryl H. Carlson
Daryl H. Carlson
Mission President

Monday, February 13, 2017


wus up my homies! 

Hope this week was great for you! We had an awesome one here, and very suspenseful...I swear the week before transfer calls is so intense. So we found out that I will be leaving and going to ANOTHER campus as a Sister Training Leader (STL). I am so so so excited especially because I get to be comps with Sister Griffiths who I came out with - and she is amazing. It's crazy to leave after 7 1/2 months of being here...its truly become Terre Home:) Sister Kammerman is staying and is going to be TRAINING a new missionary. Awe - our family is gettin'
 so big:')
Waiting for the transfer call be like....

Sure gonna miss my baby!!!!

We had some of those moments this week where you sit back and say I KNOW that that just happened because of the hand of the Lord- they are just my favorite moments. At district meeting, Elder Davies called on Sister Kammerman and I to roll play a BACKWARDS restoration lesson. yup...backwards. It was super fun and it was just another testimony to me that the restoration is 100% even makes sense in reverse:) WELL...later that day we taught a newer investigator, 'S'. And as we talked with her, we both felt prompted to teach her the restoration....but to start with the Book of Mormon, and then prayer, and then Joseph Smith...and guess what....We taught it backwards:) haha If we taught it forwards, I don't think it would have meant as much to her....but by starting at the addressed her need and it was sooooo cool to see:)
We got to see 'J' again this week who was excited to tell us that he received an answer to his prayers and he knows that the Book of Mormon is true!!! We are super pumped :) I love that it came in such a still, small, yet powerful way! He said it just made sense in his mind and he felt it was right while he was reading it:) YAY!
Amazing how the restoration was such a focus this week: hang tight for another cool story...SO we had the opportunity to read Joseph Smith's story from JSH with an investigator who was struggling this week. As we taught, a group next to us was playing a board game, then another group came in and started talking, then a guy came in and started playing the piano and pretty soon, the room was no longer say the least :) haha Even though it was loud, as we read about Joseph Smith and his experience- I felt the spirit really powerfully in my heart. It was amazing to have the confirmation in all the noise of the truth. It IS the restored gospel in our lives that gets us through the noise of the world. neato!!:) 
"I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." ~1 Nephi 3:7
Love ya! Hope you have a great week! The Lord loves ya:)
Love, Sister Burgon*


I pass the Terredise baton
to the very capable and wonderful
Sister Kammerman!!!
Love you BB!!!!

See y'all next week from the new campus!!!