Monday, September 12, 2016


Hello Hello!! 
What an amazing week!! SO MUCH HAPPENED!! 
I hope that you all had a good one! 
I love hearing about it, thanks for all the emails and support :) 
Y'all are great!

This week started out with a drive to Indy for a doctor's appointment for sister Ben. While she was in the appointment, I was in the waiting room talking the most hilarious girl ever. She started a conversation about how the Nazi's changed pink to a feminine color and about how her baby was going to be born a feminist. haha There truly is never a dull moment. 

We were also blessed to have lots and lots and lots of finding time. Many of our scheduled appointments canceled, not all of them...but many, so we had tons of time to PC around campus and find LOTS of cool new people! Our upcoming week is packed haha so exciting! We are still working to perfect our PCing...I think we are getting better, but it sure is fun! There's not a right or a wrong way to we have fun experimenting with new ways! I'm excited to meet with these new people though! 

We had another amazing lesson with "A". He is progressing sooooo well! We talked about the change that has happened in him as he has learned more about Christ and lived this gospel! He is a new person, he seriously has such a light about him! Despite all the trials that he has been facing, he has found joy because of Christ's Atonement. It's been such a humbling experience to learn from him and his situation. 

"H" did his baptismal interview this week and I got to listen was hilarious and I've never been so proud. It went something like this, " "H", what does it mean to keep the law of Chastity?" "It means treating girls right and not dating until your 16". "What does it mean to keep the Sabbath day holy?" "Go to church, do good things and don't go shopping, even though Walmart is open 24/7." haha His answers were just adorable and he's so excited to get baptized! We are soooo happy for him! It's awesome to see how much he has learned! 

Hiding from Tornadoes
We also got to hide in the church this week while we waiting for a tornado to pass. It was so much fun! We watched the storm and it was sooooo cool! :) One of these days, we will see a tornado! 

I've been reading about Alma and Amulek this week and I have learned so much from them. #MissionaryGoals!! At one point, after they had been rejected and persecuted...and watched all the righteous be persecuted and killed as well, Alma humbly says, 
"Be it according to the will of the Lord"
His faith and trust in the Lord is such a great example to me. I know that if we put ALL our trust in the Lord, and do what he asks, then He will deliver us to the path that He has in store for us. I have seen that so much this week! 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Burgon*