Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey everyone! 

What a great week this week!! Hope you all enjoyed conference...I was blown away at the talks! I felt like every single one was just so inspired. Huge testimony of our Prophet and Apostles. I'm so grateful for their council in today's crazy world. I thought it was cool how there was such a huge emphasis on helping others around us. 

This week was wonderful! We worked hard to increase our teaching pool and gain new investigators. We were able to find some and I am SO excited to keep working with them. They've got some HUGE potential. I'm especially excited for this cute family from Congo! And of course tracting is just a great time. Even with the crazy winds we had this makes for a fun time :) Tornado season is coming up...maybe we'll be lucky enough to see one! (Don't worry mom, I'll be safe hehe) 

We were able to meet with I* this week. We talked about her amazing experience she had at her baptism. She is ssoooooo amazing. Her son is super interested too. Our awesome Bishop invited them over this week and answered some of his questions and also watched the First Vision. I love our ward :) D* (I*'s son) said he felt something different in their home and I* told him it was the spirit. He said that he would like to have it in their home too. As of right now, he's not quite ready to meet with us but I know he will eventually. He is awesome. I* continues to amaze me. She met with Bishop last week and got a Temple Recommend. We planned to teach her about Family History this week and get her started, and when we met with her, she was already going on it. haha I just love her!  

I love to see the Temple!

I hope you all had a fantastic week. Thanks for all the support! It means the world! One of my favorite talks from Conference was from W. Christopher Waddell. He talked about how we can obtain peace in this life. Heavenly Father WANTS us to have peace. We can always have peace with us when we Learn of Him-Listen to Him-and Walk with God. I know that as we "continuously partake" of the Gospel in our lives, we will have Peace. 

LOVE YOU!! xoxo
Love, Sister Burgon*
*Only first initial of name used

Along with Missionary "Work" comes a whole lot of fun...
Silly Sisters having a bubble blowing contest


Not the winner

Pizza dinner!!! Yummy