Friday, April 1, 2016


Meet Miss I*

Happy Easter this week to ya...hope it was wonderful!! If you haven't seen the new video yet, go to and watch it. It's called #Hallelujah and I love it so much. What a great message. 

So this week was pretty much the best. haha I feel like I say that every time but It just keeps getting better and better. And here is whhhyyyyyy. On Wednesday, I was able to go to the TEMPLE!!!! EEP! We were able to do Initiatories, an Endownment, and Confirmations. Every time I go I just feel such overwhelming peace. The spirit was so strong and I just have a huge testimony of Temples and the wonderful work that is done there. I'm truly blessed to have been able to go. 

Then on Saturday....Get Ready.....
I* WAS BAPTIZED!! :):):) 
I can't even tell you how amazing this lady is. I'm so convinced that Heavenly Father has been preparing her for years. I am so humbled that I got to meet her at this time in her life and be an instrument in God's hands in bringing her closer to Him. Everything went amazing for the baptism and the spirit was so strong. I lead the music and as we were singing the closing song, I am a Child of God, I looked down at her and she was in tears. I was so touched and I know that the Gospel blesses our lives. The church is so true. Her son also came to the baptism...afterward he said that he felt something different. EEP:) He wants to learn more now! I'm so excited to teach him! 

Brother Brigham and cute Miss I* #glowing!!!
Right after the baptism, we ran (literally) over to the temple and worked in there for a few hours. AH talk about amazing experience! How did I get so lucky (#blessed) to go to the temple TWICE this week? So grateful. 

So excited for conference coming up. Make sure to watch it! It will blesssss your life! :) 
Hope you have a great week. Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures. God is there for you!

Love You!!!!
Love, Sister Burgon*
*Only first initial of name used

A few more pictures for your viewing pleasure...
Pizza at the Pearson's
Made a SNOWBALL!!!
The cute Mr. & Mrs. Fleener and their pups

That's all folks...'til next week.