Monday, April 17, 2017


Heyyyy ery'body!! 
This. Week. Was. Fantastic. 
I can't even tell ya!! 
There were so many trials...hahaha that sounds so bad...I will explain later, but seriously trials are a complete blessing! 
And this mayyyy have possibly been the fastest week ever! 
And it was is good! 
Hang on for a long email...but full of coooooooool stories:) 

It all started on Monday, after Fast thing real quick...there is POWER in fasting, I promise! We were walking to the church to teach Z___ and J___ and we found out that in the course of 24 hours, Z___ had gotten hit with a whoolllee bunch of trials. And so did J___! It was crazy, but it totally opened them up to the Gospel and was a little bit of a "push in the right direction" for them. They both came to institute and Z___ got his very first blessing. He said he felt completely filled with peace and was amazed at it. More and more witnesses that this is the right place for them. Which is what they've been searching for...Z___ has been more apprehensive than J___, so that's why this little trial was a blessing for him. Not that I wish trials for my investigators hahaha I'm just really amazed and proud of them and how they handled this trial and used it to help them.

The next day we got to go on exchanges with the GC sisters!! They both came to our area again and we got to blitz with them. They were terrified to come on campus, and so it was AWESOME to see them really open up and do so well all day!! J______...a recent convert, found us on campus and wanted to help us PC. So he wore my 2nd badge and literally contacted people alongside of us...its safe to say that we talked to TONS of people that day. haha J______ even came up with a rap about it...which i'll made my life! I also got to see Bro Petes and Vicki who came down for a check up....I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They are my heroes! T'was a very good day indeed. 

Wednesday has become our weekly run-everywhere-and-teach-everyone day haha. We started with teaching M_____ about the commandments and Sabbath Day and he humbly accepted to change and keep them. This guy is on fire! He just makes us happy! After teaching D_____ quickly on campus, we ran back to the church to teach Z___ and J___ again. We taught about how to recognize and understand the Holy Ghost. They have been receiving answers left and right, now they just need to realize that they are answers! It was an awesome lesson and Z___ bore a powerful testimony that he realized that he shouldn't have felt peace about his trials, but since the priesthood blessing...he has!! We had an awesome YSA come, and he just added a POWERFUL spirit there, super grateful for this lesson, it was amazing. Later that night, after institute, J___ got a priesthood blessing as well. Afterwards he said, "I know that the Priesthood is real". AHHHHHHHFHFUESNJFNEUEBFEBFUESJFNE :):):):):) 15 month mark...wut...Cute Sister Gray made a huge sign and ran around the apartment screaming and celebrating and waving an American flag hahaha I just love that cute comp of mine! We had an awesome first lesson with a New investigator, 
L oh man...we got a good one...stay tuned! Right after we finished the lesson, a guy came up to us and said we had "won"!! He sat down a massive sheet cake in front of us, gave us plates and forks and said enjoy!!! :) hahaha...uhhh..."THANK YOU RANDOM CITIZEN!" SO we took the cake outside, made a sign that said "Free Cake" and continued to pass out cake and pass-along cards!!! We even had a guy call us later and set up a return appointment with us! Blessings come in the form of cake:) To top off a great day, we also had interviews with President Carlson! And...I got fried by the sun...great day great day #farmers 

We were also able to meet with A___ again! She too got hit with a cake in the face of trials, and it was incredible to see how much it has progressed her testimony in God in the process. She is even more committed than before, geeeeez girl!! Friday we got to go to MLC and it was a party and a half:) 

Last cool story, thanks for hanging on! While we were blitzing this week, Sister Gray and Sister Ostermiller were riding the bus back to campus and started talking to the people they were sitting by. Turns out that one of the girls, E____, is a member! She said she hasn't been active in the church for a while, but was super happy to see them! Well a few days later, we got a referral from the office and it was E____! She called into the office and requested missionaries and a Book of Mormon for herself. We got in contact with her and she has been completely prepared to come back to church. She has an intense desire to change, and CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! The topics were totally inspired for her and it was awesome. Then she got one of every single pamphlet we had, said she'd be to all the week-day activities, and set up a time to meet with us too! Coolest experience to hear her story and see first-hand that no matter how far you think you've wandered, you really can come back, whenever! Heavenly Father is there and waiting and walking beside you...and will continue to do so! He is aware of you!!

D&C 76:22-24
"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! For we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father—That by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created, and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God."

Love, Sister Burgon*


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