Monday, March 14, 2016


Howdy folks!

TWO MONTHS PEOPLE...TWO MONTHS!!!! I can't believe it.
S. Hamilton, S. Reed, Me, S. Ostermiller (MTC Buddies)

Guess what guess what....yesterday was my TWO MONTH MARK!!! Insane!!! I sure love my mission...I'm so grateful for all that I have learned and how much Heavenly Father has provided for me so far. It's truly amaaaaaazing.

Thanks for all the emails! I love hearing about you all!


This week was toooo amazing. I'm so amazed at all the blessings, miracles and tender mercies that were provided for us this week. The work really took off and we are seeing a lot of progress in our area. YAY! I can take noooo credit...we have been so guided by the spirit.  

Miss “I”...this lady is just so amazing! I love watching her's been so fun and soooo humbling to be able to work with her. I truly know that it has NOT been us teaching her. She is totally in God's hands. AMAZING! We met with her twice this week...on Wednesday we went over the Restoration and talked about how we have a living prophet on the earth today. She was so excited to hear that! It made me realize how important it is to know what the prophet is teaching us so that we can spread his teachings to others. The spirit is always so strong in the lessons with "I"'s pretty amazing. On Sunday, at church "I" told us how she was really struggling to know if the scriptures were true. Guess what every single lesson was on at church. SCRIPTURES....and receiving help from on high. We also talked about faith and putting our trust in God. The lessons even went over Joseph Smith too, which I thought that was awesome for "I" to hear again. "I" really recognized that those lessons were inspired and they were specifically for her and she told us how she is going to dedicate 30 minutes every day to study her scriptures and pray before and after. (What investigator comes up with their OWN commitments...haha) We had another lesson with her after church and it was so powerful. She said the closing prayer and guess what happened....AGAIN....the prayer got quiet as she cried and "I" couldn't hold back how much she felt the spirit. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father is soooo aware of her. Huge testimony builder this day...the church is sooooo true:)

“L” is also doing WONDERFUL....every time we go over, we can really tell a difference in her. Her testimony is growing and I'm so proud of her for not giving up-even when it was so hard. We are helping her to come back to the Temple soon. So excited!!!!!

Tracting Moment of the Week: We knocked on this one door and a reeeallly old man opened it. We introduced ourselves and asked what his name was, as he talked, something fell out of his mouth onto the floor....I looked down and guess what it was....HIS TOOTH! NOT EVEN JOKING...his tooth just popped right part of the story....he didn't even notice!! haha It was pretty hard to keep it together...but he slammed the door after we started teaching so then we had a good laugh. Never a dull moment...I promise!!

STOP....I found my road!!!
Guess what else we found....
A MOUNTAIN!!!! That's as high as they grow in INDY!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week. This week my testimony really grew on the scriptures. They are soooo amazing and totally inspired. I've been studying 3 Nephi and I'm amazed. If we make time for the scriptures every day and truly study from them...we WILL notice a huge change in our lives. I love it!

Love, Sister Burgon*

p.s. Mama B asked for photo's of our apartment. 
We had a mission wide spring cleaning day...good day to take apartment pix. heehee

tour de la apartment