Monday, August 22, 2016


I hope you all had a fantabulous week!!!! 
They sure go so fast! 

This week was another great one!! And good news...SCHOOL STARTS THIS WEEK!! Never thought I'd be so excited for school right? But school means students, and students mean people for us to teach:) Wahooo!!! I'm so excited!! This town is a completely different place now!! I love it!

This week we taught "H" the Plan of Salvation part 1 and it was so fun...he drew it out as we taught him and we used fun visuals too! But the coolest thing happened later in the week. We felt like he isn't quite ready to be baptized yet, so we pushed back his date. He just needs a few more weeks. Lately I've been seeing that that is a goooood idea becauuuuse, his mom (who ran away) came back this week and has shown interest in being taught as well. And his dad has too!! WHAT? Miracle!! It would just be the happiest thing if they could be taught as a family, grow as a family, and hopefully eventually be baptized as a family too!!! 

We were also able to teach "G" AND his wife this week...bessttt Restoration lesson ahhhhh!! He was so into it and asked the best questions!! He said he has never let any sort of "church people" in his home for like 20 years and we are the first ones he let come talk to him. Although he thinks that he can't just be settled in one religion right now, he said he believed what we were teaching him was true...and that he had "a lot of thinking to do" ..... I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!! We will see...but his wife was into it too! It was awesome! I love that the spirit has been there to truly touch him and help open his heart. He said that if he were to open up and join a church at this point in his life, it would be this one. :) 

We were also able to go to zone conference in Bloomington! Holy gorgeous place! The entire drive was amazing haha and the conference was sooo good too! President Carlson made some huge changes to our mission and the way we do things!! It's been cool to see the changes that he makes and the blessings that come from them! Good things to come! It's exciting!! Such a special spirit at these conferences!! 

Sister Carlson and the Zone Sista's
We had such a wonderful lesson with "T" a little while ago, he wondered why we even need the Book of Mormon, he feels like the bible is enough. We talked to him about it and showed him some scriptures and the spirit was extremely strong. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much since I've been out and it was a cool experience to be able to testify to him that it is so true and completely vital and necessary for our growth. The next lesson, we read Mosiah 3  with him and after we finished he told us that now he can see that the Book of Mormon IS important. It was amaaazing to see that click with him!! I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! It truly does teach and inspire us to be better, and brings us closer to our Savior, Jesus Christ, if we diligently study it. Mosiah 3: 5-8, 17
"And moreover, I say unto you, that there shall be no other name given nor any other way nor means whereby salvation can come unto the children of men, only in and through the name of Christ, the Lord Omnipotent."   ~Mosiah 3:17

HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!! Good luck to those who are starting school this week!! Remember to enjoyyy every moment of it😊 LOVE YOU

Love, Sister Burgon*

We'll see you again next week...'til then... eat more chocolate!!!