Monday, August 1, 2016


Thanks for all the emails and support...
I hope you all had a great week!!

This week was great! Hot and Humid and lots of walking and working! The best!!! We are working with this less active named "J" who is just amaaazing! Side note SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!! YAYAYAY! While we were there her grandson, "H", told her that he wants to learn from us and get baptized! He is 11 years old and his non-member dad said he wants to sit in on his lessons too! We are going to start his lessons this week so we are exciiittteedd:) ALSO little miracle, we went to get lunch at a sandwhich shop after district meeting and our cashier asked us if we were from the LDS church, turns out that he is a member! He hasn't been to church forever and wants to change his life around! I've really been praying that we will be lead to be in the right place, at the right time and I truly feel like Heavenly Father has helped us with that this week!

We had thee craziest day on Wednesday. We had a lesson right after studies and we got to the area early, so we decided to tract. The thing was...the elders had just tracted that area, but we felt like we should still go talk to a lady who was taking her dog out. So we went and knocked on her door and it might have been the coolest/craziest/most spiritual tracting lesson I've ever had. It turns out that her family had just recently moved in so they were looking for a church and she has just recently found her faith in Christ. She was amazed at the Restoration and kept asking, "Why haven't I heard of this before". At one point she was in tears and then she stopped and started freaking out. She said that it just occurred to her that the night before, she had been praying for guidance and direction for her life...and then we show up! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? OK here's the we were in this amazing spiritual moment...there was a full on fight next door....turns out the house next door to were we were teaching is well known in the neighborhood as the "Druggie house" and sketchy stuff happens there alllll the time...and there we were just next door witnessing it all...funniest part....we didn't even stop the lesson...just kept on talking hahaha....once we left the porch, an ambulance drove up to the that point...we left hahahaha:) 

But then we decide to go contact a referral (also by the druggie house...don't worry, we had pepper spray) and it turns out that she had been taught by missionaries a few years ago! She invited us back so we will see her this week...another miracle....and it was only like 11 o'clock am! After lunch we had a lesson with a guy that we had met the day before. He met us on campus and we taught him....turns out his intentions in meeting us were not to learn about Jesus...although dinner and ice cream sounded nice....we thought going on a date might go against the Mission rules a little bit ..hahhaha...campussss liiiffeeee :) 

Then we just kept on PC-ing around campus and found some cool people and saw little miracles. THEN we went to a dinner appointment, and as we were walking out, we passed a guy walking in. So we gave him a card and he wasn't interested. Well about an hour later we got a call and it was him! He said he was interested and wanted to meet! WHAT? so cool. Then we drove around to tracting places and non of them felt was weird. As we were leaving, we drove by a less-active sister's house and so we stopped for a visit. She was home and let us right in. We had the best conversation with her and I truly believe it was another moment where we were in the right place at the right time. WHAT A DAY!!!! 

Beautiful Campus!

The rest of the week was great too...campus is officially dead but fall students should be moving in soon!! I sure love it here! I have also learned that Pokemon Go is the BEST conversation starter....the best...I still don't understand the game though haha :) 

This week my studies have been on Abinidi and Alma. I LOVE Abinidi. He stood alone for what he knew to be true. I truly believe we will all have to stand alone at some point for what we believe in. It reminds me of the quote by President Monson, "Dare to be a Mormon, dare to make it known, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to stand alone". Even one person makes the biggest difference! When we stand up for Christ, we never stand alone! Also...go watch the Mormon message, "Good things to Come" :) Sorry for the novel :)

Sister Burgon*

'cause I know y'all love pictures as much as I's a few from this week...

There is Beauty ALLL Around!!!


On Campus with a cool charcoal sketch of a black Abraham Lincoln. 

It's everywhere!!!! Someone please help me understand what is going on!!!

Love you! See you next week!!!