Monday, January 9, 2017


This was a great and crazy and eventful week!! 
I hope you all had a good one! 

This week we visited sweet "J", that I mentioned last week. Her cousin, "S" was there again and she had something exciting to tell us! She said that after meeting last week, she went home and put on Facebook that she just had the most amazing meeting with the Mormons and how she felt bad that she misjudged them for most of her life, and that all week long, she looked forward to our next meeting. hahaha we were amazed. We didn't even think that our meeting last week could have possibly been so impactful. It was a tender mercy to me to be reminded that you just never know the impact that you have on other people around you. Hoping to gain more of that trust and to teach her more! Exciting!!

There was a day that we spent walking everywhere we needed to go and needless to say, it consisted of constant laughter because who knew Sister Kammerman can do a barbie/disney princess voice impersonation...and it's hilarious when you use it to do roll plays as we walked....t'was a great day and we were blessed with super cool people to help and teach.

We were finally able to meet up with those investigators who ran into anti-Mormon views and they asked their questions openly, we listened, and answered them openly. It was so comforting and reassuring to feel the spirit in my heart as we taught and testified. Where the spirit is, truth will not be denied. I'm grateful for every time we have gotten antied...I just learn so much and my testimony grows even stronger. There MUST be opposition in all things for that very reason. There is no comfort in the growth zone....if you're feeling uncomfortable or in a're probably in the right place...if you are seeking to grow and LET Heavenly Father mold you. :)

I am amazed every week at the strength and power that comes from church!! Try to make your church attendance a more powerful experience this week and you will notice a difference in the week to come! It's never too late to go back to church....never never never never :)

Last night we had a SUPER SWEET experience. All the sudden, lessons didn't work out and we suddenly found ourselves totally free for the evening. Right then, an investigator called and said that she was having suicidal thoughts. So we rushed over and talked with her and had a super powerful thing happen. She said that she just needed to hear God talk to her, but that she hadn't been hearing Him. So we had her pray and then flip open the scriptures to see what He was telling her. She said the most touching prayer and then flipped open to the PERFECT scripture for her. a m a z i n g. There is no denying that Heavenly Father is so aware. When we left her, she was a completely different person. Even just feeling of Heavenly Father's love can change lives. I know that He loves YOU!

Thanks for all the love and support! Ya'll are the best you know it?? :)
Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: our cute ride and lesson helper...we love her

Stay warm! Be safe!
See y'all next week!