Monday, January 16, 2017


Hola mi amigos!!! 
Can't believe how fast January is flying by! 
Hope you all are enjoying it:) 
Campus starts this week!! AHH YAY...we are toooo pumped!!! 

This week was good!

On Tuesday we got the opportunity to go to the Temple, it was such an amazing experience. It has been quite a while since I've been able to go and it was so amazing to be back!!!! That is a speeeecial place! The Honeycreek Sisters picked us up to go and warned us that their trash had leaked in the car as they were driving it to a dumpster and the car smelled bad. We got in and...they were not wrong...hahahaha so we start driving and eventually stopped to get gas...and an air-freshener....while I was moving, I noticed that my dress was I asked where the trash juice had spilled and they said ON MY SEAT hahahahaha soooo basically I sat in moldy trash juice on the drive to the Temple....we all smelled like trash and air fresheners hahaha you can imagine the combo. On the more spiritual side of things, I was able to receive some amazing insights, answers and revelation while in the Temple and I knnowwww that that place truly is the house of the Lord. Good stuff.

THE SMELL.....soooooo badddd!!!!!

"J" (one that got anti-ed) agreed to meet up again and talk if we just taught her from the Bible. So we agreed and met this week! We got into a life-talk and she said that she was really wondering Why there are so many religions, where is the "one", and how can she know truth for herself. uhhh hahaha "J"!! The spirit was just telling us over and over to teach the restoration again. We've taught it to her before, but I guess it didn't stick with her, and now it is going to mean soooo much more to her because it will literally answer her questions. So turns out that there really MUST be opposition in all things, even anti! It has a purpose! So we taught half of the restoration until she had to go, and we will pick up on the 2nd half of it this week. She is being prepared!! How amazing is this!!!!

We also had interviews with President Carlson this week! I sure love the Carlson's and the sweet spirit they bring to us!! 

#floralfriday .... It's a thing!!!!

"S" was performing at her church on Sunday and invited us to go watch. So we church swapped! We went to watch her and she said that she would come to our church too! It's so fun to go to other churches and see how they worship. There's so many similarities and also lots of differences too. I'm just extremely grateful for the restoration and for the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

Thanks for all the love and support! Ya'll are the best you know it?? :)

Love, Sister Burgon*

Pix: teaching those students on campus...this is Abe...he's progressing quite well, 12 Months.....ONE YEAR OUT...CRAZY...., so we celebrated with cheese sticks of course haha

Can NOT believe I come home
Got to live this mission life to the fullest
while I can!!!!

Still so much to do...
now there is just
so very little time!!!!

'til next week...go