Monday, March 20, 2017


haha hey :) 
this week, Sister Griffiths and I had a moment of realization...
that missionaries are just the Lord's official stalkers haha in the best way possible of course. 
We have fun:) 

It was Spring Break on campus this week so no students were here, but somehow we still had people to teach and saw miracles....the Lord provides that's for sure.

A___ was in town for spring break so we got to teach her:) which was soooo fun, like the good ol times. And in fact we asked her to teach us her favorite lesson, of course A___ being the superwoman that she is....she said yes and taught us the Plan of Salvation. She did so good and it was cool to see her insights and what stood out to her most. The rest of our week after that lesson consisted of deep conversations about the Plan that Heavenly Father has for us, and the conclusion is: it is just perfect, His plan for you is juuuuuust perfect. 

One day we decided to check out campus to try again, it was dead of course so we decided to leave to be more productive elsewhere, but on our way out, we ran into one of our potential investigators. His appointment didn't work out last week, so we decided to just sit down right there and have our lesson. So we did, and it was no coincidence that we just so happen to see him that day, because that lesson was goooood. His need was really prevalent and the Gospel had a lot of application to him. Then as we were finishing up, his friend came and sat down and started asking really good questions too, so we had like another little lesson haha but now they are both interested and we are  e x c i t e d  for them:) 

Another fun fact for the week....there are a lot of Spanish speakers here, and occasionally we get texts in Spanish, or talk to the Spanish missionaries, or Spanish investigators...we learned real quick this week (after me reading a text in Spanish) that Sister Burgon is real white and it's a good thing I got called to speak english hahahahaha good laughs for sure:) 

We also got to teach D___ and M___ this week. Its really cool to see their desire to learn. They have been taught before, so it's awesome to teach them again and refresh their memories and see their interest increase. Their little sister, A___, sat in on the lesson too and now we are teaching her YAY:) 

I HAVE THE STRONGEST TESTIMONY OF MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK!!! All of our investigators that came to church yesterday were because of members helping us out, bringing their friends, and just doing a really good job to connect and fellowship. 

I know that Heavenly Father is there and He listens to your prayers... This week I had the most amazing experience as I stopped and listened too. I know prayer isn't just a one way message, but a way to communicate to and hear God in your life. Isn't the Gospel cool? 

"The light of the body is the eye
if, therefore, thine eye be single
thy whole body shall be full of light."
~3 Nephi 13:22

Love, Sister Burgon*

we hit 14 we made a quesadilla