Monday, March 6, 2017



- I was explaining how awesome this week was, sorry you can't read it..It was in sign language hahaha I promise it was great. 
~Note from Mom...Her companion is also an American Sign Language missionary. Emily took ASL as her foreign language in High School. The two of them like to sign back and forth...We get comments like this now. hahaha

Exchanges with S. Peterson
This week was packed! We had two exchanges with two amazing sets of Sisters from Indy and Brownsburg....I just love these sisters...I swear they teach me more than I could ever teach them. We were blessed to find so many prepared people together and it was so much fun!

Exchanges with S. Forseth
STORY TIME: This week during my studies, I read about a Sister Missionary who sat next to a lady on a bus. Right after she sat next to her, the lady fell asleep. The Sister missionary quickly prayed to have help talking to this lady. Soon after her prayer, the lady woke up and they were able to have a great gospel conversation that the sleeping lady so deeply needed. WELL fast forward to a very cool moment on campus...we found a guy dead asleep at a table inside. We sat down next to him and we reallllyyyy wanted to talk to him. Sister Griffiths quickly looked at me and said, "Dude! It's exactly like your studies, pray for help!!" hahaha So I did!! I bowed my head and closed my eyes and said, "Heavenly Father, please help us to talk to this guy who is asleep, we really want to talk to him. Please help him to wake up if it's okay with you." I said amen and so did he;) haha I looked up from the prayer and he shot up from sleeping like he had been hit by a bolt of lightening and just woke up. He looked at us as he rubbed his eyes and it took everything in us to act natural... we were just a liiiiiittttleeee excited and in awe. So then we got to talk to him!!:) Heavenly Father is there and just can't deny that. 

So update from Terre Haute...A__and J__ are on FIRE and doing amazing! A__ will be baptized this Saturday and President is letting me go back for it!!!! Cannot wait to be back in Terre Home and see all my friieeenddss. Pray for A__ this weeeeeek!! Sister Kammerman also told me that they are both helping teach lessons to investigators, and I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to see them doing so well. :)  

We also got to go all the way up to Mishawaka to see one of Sister Griffiths' investigators get baptized!!! SOOOOO pumped for her! It was such a good time:) 

OH supa cool- one of our investigators brought a friend to his lesson last night...any guess...what.... guess what...the friend was suuuper interested. His name is A__ and I promise this guy has huge potential. I'm just really excited about it. Thanks for letting me share! 

This week we did music we only listened to hymns and talks and it was amazing honestly. (instead of all of our other gospel music and Disney tunes) We listened to one talk by Hank Smith and something he said really touched me....he said, "I'd rather sit in my room without friends than sit in my room without the Holy Ghost" Do everything you can to keep/increase the Holy Ghost in your life. I promise it truly is the greatest gift of all. 


Love, Sister Burgon*

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