Monday, February 8, 2016

LUKE 18:27

"The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

The District
Hey Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks again for all the emails! You all are the bomb:) Can you believe it's already week 3 out here in the mission field?? Time flies when you’re having fun right?

This week has been amazing!!! I don't even know exactly why it was so great...but it was:) There's been some more sunny, warm-ish days which is THE BEST!! This week I had the opportunity to go on STL Exchanges and THAT was fun! So there's this lovely place near my area and it has the reputation of being the "sketchiest place in our mission". To put it into perspective for ya...the same day I was there, the Elders got their car broken into and it turned into a little high-speed chase for there belongings haha. Never a dull day:) It was such a rush...while tracting; we couldn't have our shoulder bags with us to keep our stuff safe. But hey maybe it would be okay if they stole our things...they'd get a whole bunch of Restoration pamphlets, a Book of Mormon, and lots of pass-along this might be a new idea...haha (kidding mama) But it was a great experience and I learned a lot (and survived woo) :) It also made me suuuuper grateful for my area. I love it here so much hehe:)

So last p-day, Elder Stout (one of the elders that we share a car with) was playing basketball with us and went up to dunk it and fell on his hands and then his head. Poor guy. We went over to check on him and his hand didn't look like a hand anymore. So the Elders gave him a blessing and they headed out to the ER. Turns out that he broke BOTH of his wrists and now has a hard cast on one, and a soft cast on the other. Talk about eventful day right? The next day he went in for surgery and the very next morning after that he was up at 6:30 all ready to go. We spent the day tracting and he completely gave it his all. We go to the gym every morning and he's been there every time doing what he can to exercise. SO AMAZING. It's literally been a miracle. We have been able to see that because of his strict obedience as a missionary, he has been so blessed. What a great example right? Miracles are real:) 
Poor Elder Stout!
The Jewish lady I told you about last week, came to Stake Conference yesterday and it was so great!! She asked a bunch of questions and we gave her a church-tour as well. Everyone was so kind to her and I was sooo grateful!! We are teaching her Jewish class next week...I’m so pumped! We are really praying that she will have a greater desire to learn more for herself and that it will touch her heart. We are super excited about her. I love the scripture in Luke 18:27. It may seem a bit impossible right now for her to want to have her own testimony and be baptized, but with God nothing is impossible. 

Love you all and I'm so grateful for your support. Keep praying:) Have a wonderful week! Remember: if life gives you lemons, make raspberry hot chocolate;) 
Love, Sister Burgon*