Monday, February 22, 2016


Perkie and BurgIndy. We take selfies. 

Hellllloooo :) 

Hope you all had a great week!! Thanks for all the emails and support!!!

This week was amazing! I love being a missionary...holy cow!! This week we went to my very first Zone Conference and it was so much fun! I loved the training's! As I continue to learn about how to be a better missionary, I'm amazed at this Gospel. I've learned so much and everything is such a huge testimony builder! I love this Gospel. I also learned I have a lot to improve on too :)

I was able to see S. Griffiths from the MTC...YAY!!
Indy North Zone

We also saw soooo many miracles...We were able to get in contact with a recent convert and talk with her. I think she will come around, but reading the anti has shaken her faith. I'm excited to work with her this week and really focus on her testimony that she had so strong. 

The Highlight of the week was that we were able to teach the Jewish Seminary Class yesterday. Sister Perkins and I really prayed to know what we should teach about and tried really hard to let the spirit be the guide. Guess what...we got up there and taught a completely different lesson than what we had planned. It went so smooth and I was so touched that Heavenly Father would trust us to be his instruments in teaching the wonderful message of the Gospel. The spirit was incredibly strong and the kids seemed really engaged and interested. I'm super excited that we had that opportunity to plant some seeds and I pray that they will remember the Spirit that was there in the lesson. We also showed the video of the restoration and HOLY SMOKES...that video is so powerful. I love it ahhh. We were on cloud 9 when we finished. Super grateful that Heavenly Father answered our prayers and filled us with what we needed to say. 

Grateful for the Spirit...Let the Holy Spirit Guide...then take a selfie!

There was also a wonderful, glorious, monumental day that hit 70 degrees and sunnnnnyy:) haha that might have also been the best day ever. We were able to go downtown and PC (Personal Contact) which was super fun...but very different from tracting. So fun!! 

Tracting story of the week: We went to an appointment which ended up falling-through so as we were leaving, a guy opened his door and asked us what we were doing. We didn't even have to knock....:) We taught him and he was super interested. I was amazed that Heavenly Father put him in our path. 

I love this gospel so much and I'm so grateful to be a missionary!!! 

Tracting! in the SNOW!!! 

When someone kicks you out of an Apartment Complex for "SOLICITING" you make a face and take a selfie!!! #we'llbeback

LAYERS!!!! Hey's cold outside!!!


What? Tornado like Winds!!! Won't stop us!!!

"Fear not to do good...Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." D&C 6:33, 36 

Love, Sister Burgon*