Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 3: HOLY COW....I'M ON A MISSION!!!!

Me & Sister Perkins...Yes we are in a bathroom...hehehe

A BIG thanks to everyone for all the sweet emails I got this guys are the best! Guess what...I'M IN INDY!! Sorry if this is super long...I’m too pumped haha

Can you believe it?? #Countdown2Indy is finally done and holy cow...I’m on a mission! It was absolutley insane to get here...we had the funnest day! We woke up at two o'clock in the morning, took a bus, a train, another train, an airplane, another airplane and a van to get to Indy! (While lugging around 3 suitcases and a bag hahahaha) It truly was fun...and I'm not just saying that. Talk about adrenaline rush. And I got to see my cute young women's leader at the airport and talk to my day ever!

At the MTC we were challenged to talk to someone on the plane and give away a pass-along card. The first flight I was on I sat next to two elders....BUT my next flight I sat next to a lady who didn't even know who we were! We had a good conversation and she was super curious about the missionaries. I had big plans...but then she fell I gave her my pass-along card when we landed haha. Hope she has enough interest to keep on learning about our faith. That was cool! Indy is so beautiful...there are groves of trees everywhere! It looks like the groves of trees you find in the mountains....but everything is flat! (we found a hill the other day and freaked out because we found a "mountain" hehe) It's not as weird as I thought it would be to have no mountains...Its beautiful here. The grass is still green, even in the winter, because of the humidity! So that's cool. It isn't too feels like Utah to me...but they have also told me that this is a warm winter for them in Indy.

My area is awesome. It has the super wealthy and also the super poor so we get a mix of everything. The members are so kind...we have only gone one night without a dinner appointment... these people are so great. My trainer’s name is Sister Perkins and I LOVE HER. We're REALLY similar. Both from Utah, same height, clumsy, goofy, and pumped about life. We have a good time. She's been out for almost 9 months and this is her first time training. We got double-transferred in, which means we are both new to the area. So this week we've been getting to know the area, the members, and the investigators from the previous sisters before us. It's been super fun. We share a car with the Elders so it’s always us four out and about everyday. Which has been nice because one of those elders has been here for a while so he's helped us a TON. We joke that he's the one training all 3 of us. But we really have a good time.

So my very first day, we went to lunch and got a phone call that a recent convert had been reading Anti-Mormon articles on the internet and wasn't happy. She texted us and said she wanted to be excommunicated so the 4 of us went over to meet with her. Talk about getting thrown right into it right? Wouldn't want it any other way:) We had a great talk and she's been doing a lot better. She's been working to find her own answers and not believe everything she reads so quick.

We are also teaching a lady. She is Jewish and teaches a Jewish Seminary class. She is super interested in religions and wants us to teach her class on Mormonism. We met with her and she was so open to what we believe. I was amazed!! I hope what we teach touches her heart.

BIG NEWS...I'm very proud of it...I got my very first "door slam" this week. Sister Perkins and I walked away and high-fived each other because it was our first one. Usually people are nice though...tracting is so fun to me:) I'm super grateful to have the Holy Ghost with us and have Heavenly Father looking out for us all the time. I feel watched over and protected...just truly blessed to be here. I always thought it would be easy to get overwhelmed...which it can be stressful, but we are in Heavenly Father's we have no reason to fear. I love the work! The coolest part about missionary work is that we are only instruments. Heavenly Father is in charge and the Holy Ghost is the teacher.  

SORRY this is so long! I love you all so much and I’m super grateful for the support I’ve felt! It means a lot!

Love you!
Love, Sister Burgon*