Monday, May 23, 2016



This week was crazyyyyyy! And so so great! I've loved meeting with "S" this week...we've seen her a few times, and every single time the spirit is so strong! We were explaining to her more about the Book Of Mormon because she didn't quite understand it, and it just clicked. She was so amazed that God would provide a second witness of Christ, in the Americas, with prophets teachings, Christ's teachings, advice for us in these modern just all made sense to her. It was the coolest moment. She said "if this is so clear, why doesn't everyone just believe in the Book of Mormon?" I felt like just sitting back and saying "Exactly." haha I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true...and not only is it 100% true, but it's SO IMPORTANT. I am so grateful for it. 

We also had Zone Conference this week. I Looooovveeeeeeee zone conference! We learned about the importance of going to church. I know there is a power that comes to us when we attend church and partake of the Sacrament. Being able to do that every week is a huge privilege and blessing. We also talked about receiving strength beyond our own. We sat in a circle and each read a verse of scripture that has given us strength beyond our own when we were going through a trial in our lives. Holy spiiirrriiiitttttuallll moment. Sister Cleveland encouraged us to really find that strength when we need it-it is so accessible, something so simple as prayer and scripture study will give us the greatest strength we could ask for. It's amazing when investigators realize that too. I love being able to be there when they truly rely on the scriptures and receive strength from them!

I love Pres. & S. Cleveland...I can't believe they are going home soon :(

Ivy is going back to China again for two months, so she made us dinner this week. How fun is that! I got to try some authentic Chinese food and use chopsticks...Also, my Chinese is improving...who knew I would learn Chinese when I got called to Indiana....prepare yourself...tis fun:) 


Miracle moment: We didn't have a lot of success tracting this week but Heavenly Father provides for us. We had about 15 minutes until we had to be at our dinner appointment, so we were debating if we should tract for that time, or go chill with the members early. So of course we decided to tract:) If you can believe it, a sweet man opened up and talked to us about how he has seen the Temple and is super interested in it. We are going to give him a tour around the temple grounds and around our church too! And then we taught him a doors-step Restoration lesson and he was SO INTERESTED! AH it just made our whole week and I know Heavenly Father provides for us if we do all that we can! 

I love you all...thanks for all the love and support!
Love, Sister Burgon*

Some extra little nuggets...
Dinner at the Estes! Love this Family!!!
The District
Later Folks!!!!