Monday, June 13, 2016


 ...but lets not talk about it :)

Hello Everyone:) 
Hope you are all enjoying your summer! I still can't believe its summer..
I'll say it a billion times....time is going too fast:)

This week was wonnddeerrrfuuull!! We had transfers which was SO FUN to see all my good missionary friends...I sure love the friendships you make on missions...they kinda rock:) Sister Luo and I are staying in Carmel to finish her training....can you believe she is half-way done? WOW! It has been just the funnest experience ever! Also can't believe this is my last transfer in my area...this place has my heart:) 

I spy Indianapolis

This week has been one of HUUUMMIIDDDIITTYYY and 100-ish degree weather! BUT I sure love the sun! Right after transfers, we went to "J" (a less-active member of our ward). We LOVE "J"! The whole time I have been here, she has not wanted to meet with us. Lately we have made the best friendship with her! We did service at her house and then she took us out to eat at Bubs the other night! Huge progress! We are so excited:) plus food is always a plus...;)

OH and right before transfer meeting, President Cleveland asked us to go to the mission home and help clean after all the new missionaries left! I don't know why, but that was just the funnest thing ever! We got to see all the new missionaries and meet them. It made me think back to my very first few days here. It's such a special time! I can't even describe how much I looovveeeee missions!:)

I had a cool experience while tracting the other day. We met a Chinese lady, and Sister Luo being the amazing missionary that she is, got into the most amazing conversation with this lady about God in her life. They were speaking in Chinese, and then Sister Luo started speaking in English and we both started teaching. I didn't know what they had been talking about, or what this sweet lady's need was. But I was very prompted to change the lesson a little bit, and say something very specific to her. It kinda surprised me...I normally never include what I said in a first contact lesson. But she seemed to be touched by I kept going haha When we got back in the car, Sister Luo started freaking out, "You are so in the spirit Sister Burgon" haha I was like what? She told me that what I had said, was something that they had been talking about and it was just what she needed to hear. I was sooo amazed that Heavenly Father would trust me enough to be His mouthpiece!! He is so aware of all of His children! AHH SO COOL:) 

We also had "Why I Believe" again yesterday! That's where recent converts get to share their story and testimony! You can imagine how strong the spirit is there! The Estes drove us and also spoke ... I just looovvee them! 
Cute Estes family

This week I just really learned how important it is to have the spirit with us always. And to be worthy of its presence! With the spirit, we will be guided and directed in all things that we should do! 

Love you!
Sister Burgon*

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Okay...I'm done...Bye!!!