Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hello errrrybudy :) What an awesome week it has been. We had zone conference yesterday so that's why I'm emailing today!

Ok lets start wayyyy back, the beginning of the week was so much fun. We got to bike so much and it was hotttt! But my favorite thing was biking home at night and seeing all the fireflies by us- cool stuff. 

I can't remember if I've told this story yet...buuuut I will tell it anyway because more happened with it this week! Sister Luo had a package coming for her and somehow it got lost-the post office even said it had been delivered but we didn't get it! So sad. So we went around to our neighbors and asked if they had seen it. Well once we got talking to one of our neighbors, the missionary in us came out and we started asking her about church and religion in her life. We went in asking if she had seen a lost package, and came out with a return appointment...and no package hahaha :) So we went back for our return appointment this week and it was awesome! We planned to teach her the restoration, but once we were in there, the spirit told us to teach her the Plan of Salvation. Her mom had recently passed away and so it was amazing to be able to teach her the wonderful news that families are forever and that she can/will see her mom again. Kind of a cool unexpected miracle. Also another testimony builder of how important it is to talk to everyyyyone :) 

Every Tuesday we go and do service at an assisted living center. I LOVE service so much- and miracles come every time we serve too! The activities director, "R", is the one we've been coordinating service with so we've talked a little bit, but not too much. Then last week, she just opened up to me about some trials that she was facing in life. I shared a scripture and a thought with her and she was extremely open and she seemed to be touched. So then yesterday when we went back, she came up to me and said that she took my advice and took her trials to the Lord and he took care of them and helped everything to work out. It was just an amazing moment and I'm so grateful we've been able to do service there!

Wednesday we got to go to the Temple. Every time I go to the temple, I am so touched. I believe that there are nooooo coincidences in the Temple! Please go as often as you can. I know going to the Temple will bless our lives and fill us with the spirit. I Know that you will receive help, strength, guidance, direction, comfort and revelation in the Temple. I know it is the house of the Lord.

kk story time...last week we went to an appointment with the reverend, which ended up falling through, so as we were leaving his apartment, a guy came up to us and asked "You preaching the Gospel?" We talked to him for a little bit and found out he is from Africa. His name is "T", he's like 7 feet tall with dreads haha. We got a return appointment and went back this week to teach him. It turns out that he had been taught by missionaries before and knew all about Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon, but then moved. What a miracle that we were able to meet him! We are going to teach him again today and I'm soooo excited:) Biiig Potential wooo:)

On Friday we helped a hoarder move....(no pictures for obvious reasons) Not gonna lie, it was so flipping fun! hahahaha and gross...but mostly fun! Just thought I'd put that in there haha BUT THEN we biked to "M's"...he has been on vacation and not progressing so we thought we at least needed to try one more time. SUPER GREAT LESSON....he opened up about how he has seen God changing his heart and has felt something different when we come by. He agreed that he needed to do more on his part...YAY we will see how it goes:)

Wow...this email is so long...I am so sorry! Just a few more cool stories hahaha....SO we finally got to meet with "M2" this week. This is the one from Africa who has 6 kids and is looking for a church for his family. He has been stuck on the idea of the Godhead's hard because he won't pray about it either so he's closed off to other ideas. BUT we had a great lesson with him this week and the spirit totally took over the lesson. I don't know how, but once we got on the topic of prophets, it seemed to just click with him. Prophets are in the bible - he follows the bible religiously. So then it makes sense that there would be a prophet on the earth today. YAY FOR "M2" :) I'm so glad the spirit was there to help him make that connection. The spirit is the real teacher! Even though we've taught him about prophets so much, it was most beneficial when the spirit confirmed to him in his heart that it was true. We offered him a baptismal invite too...and he said YES! This is huuuuge progress for him! :):):)

Ok...I will hold off and tell you more about this week...hahah but the 4th was so much fun! And we are already off to a good start for this week too:) YAY! 

When I was in the Temple, I was sitting in the Celestial room and opened up to Alma 26, It blew my mind and touched my heart to read about great missionaries. I've read it before but this time it really impacted me and I felt the spirit confirming to me again how great my calling is to be a missionary. I love this work. Ammon says it the best in Alma 26:16...
"Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."

Thanks for bearing with me on this mega long email...I just "cannot say the smallest part which I feel" :):):) Thanks for all the emails, letters, support and prayers!! It means more than you'll know! LOVE YOU

Love, Sister Burgon*

This week in pictures...

Temple Time

District Meeting...
4th of July*

Remember Bubs??? The Largest Large on the planet Burger
Practicing my photography skills 

* Heart attack...

cool fountain...totally reminds me of my friends
Keep the faith...Keep smiling...XOXOX