Monday, November 7, 2016


Hola mi amigos :) 
It was a quick week, hope it was a good one for ya! 
Happy November!!!!

We had some awesome experiences this week...the kind that you walk away from and say, "Did that seriously just happen?" These are some experiences that I will remember forever. We shall start with "J".  "J" is about 21 and she has a 5 year old son. She has conquered all the criticizing comments everyone has thrown at her saying that "She'll never make it" she's in college and doing great things! We met with her this week and she told us about her friend, "E", that is really struggling with her faith, so guess what "J" does...she whips out the restoration pamphlet and teaches her. haha it was so awesome, we were freaking out as she was telling us about it. Well then half way through our lesson with "J", she gets up and says, "One sec, 'E' is here" and comes back a few mins later with 'E'! We talked for a little bit and she really wants to meet up now! YAY. 

Then another night, we had just finished teaching 'J2', our last appointment of the day. As we were getting ready to leave, we see a guy named 'S' that we have talked to maybe once on campus before. He got asking us questions about our future and was really upset that we took time out of our lives and put our education on hold to be here now. haha he got pretty upset....then the conversation took a turn and he was basically telling us about everything wrong in the world and in his life. He even considered himself to be almost an atheist. He said he's prayed and prayed and waited and talked and prayed and waited etc etc etc, and has gotten nothing. We testified to him that God is there and that He is aware of him, and suggested that maybe all these places weren't giving him the answers he needed because they didn't have the answers themselves. We taught the restoration and he questioned it in depth, but it was the coolest lesson ever because he just kept saying, "...oh...that DOES make sense." By the end of it, he wanted to know more, asked to meet again, and said he was seriously going to consider this. AMAZING!! I know that this church is Christ's, that's why it makes complete and perfect sense. It will give us the direction and the answers we are seeking, because it has the fullness. Christ is at the head of it, and His power is here on the earth today. Who knew you could get an adrenaline rush from a lesson haha :)

On the other hand, here is a funny story for ya....not all lessons are that exciting ;) We taught a cute girl who was apostolic. She loved the restoration and thanked us for meeting with her and wanted to keep meeting week to week. At the end, she flipped over the pamphlet and saw the picture of the Book of Mormon. She asked if we were Mormon and then facetimed her mom right there, who asked us many questions. It was fun :) haha We are happy that she had an opportunity to learn about the restoration, and I can't wait for her to receive another opportunity to learn.  

ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT....'A' got the Priesthood on Sunday! AH So exciting, good things coming his way! We are so proud of him, it is the coolest experience watching his testimony grow! SO GRATEFUL.

Last one, on Sunday, our day cleared up so we were trying to decide what to do, and I felt really prompted to visit a less active in our ward. We went to her house and her house-mate came out and said that he was JUST praying for some help in strengthening his faith. We had an awesome conversation and we get to see him again this week! So grateful for the spirit to tell us what we should do and where to go. 

AH so sorry, this is a novel this week! Grateful for this amazing time of life that I get to be a missionary. Never forget....John 17:33. 
"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
Have a great week! God loves you!

Love, Sister Burgon*

Good times.... 

We love Helena!!!
And the Sisters!!!
The Elder's totally caught us PCing!!! 
The Missionaries and the Bishop
The Cutest Pup...AND his name is SCOOTER!!!! Be still my heart