Monday, July 17, 2017


Happy Monday!! 
Hope you all had a great week! 
Thanks for all the emails and sweet comments:) 
ya'll are pretty great. 

This week was super fun. We started with exchanges in Greencastle with Sister Giles and Sister Smith. I LOVED being back in the country again-it's always fun and theirs nothing like those cornfields :) haha. There was a MASSIVE storm that day, and a huge tree fell right on top of someone's parked van and smashed it. We decided to knock on their door and it was actually a really cool experience. The guy had a great attitude! Crazy what happens when you get to "find by accident" haha

On Wednesday as we met up with M_____ for his lesson, the Spanish elders were meeting for their district meeting. M_____ is El Salvadorian, and fluent in Spanish...and wanted to join their we did! haha He got to get an inside look at a missionary meeting, and even contributed. It was awesome and he said he really enjoyed it. He even kept their commitment to find people to teach haha go M_____. Later that week we got to teach him and B____ together about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy...I swear they were teaching us. I love these recent converts so much!

We got an awesome opportunity to help one of the elders investigators, H___, at institute. She had so many genuine questions and kept getting reallyyyy excited about what we were learning. It was just really exciting to me and I LOVED her excitement for the gospel. It make me feel like that too H___!!:)

One morning I woke up, to find a big "18" on the wall made of 18 pictures of my whole mission. Okay 1. I LOVE MY COMPANION. 2...SINCE WHEN HAVE I BEEN OUT THAT LONG? The rest of the day was filled with realllyyy strange interactions, getting bashed and rejected, finding no one to teach and STILL having the greatest day ever. And I was able to reflect about just how much I love being a missionary, and how grateful I am that I will always get to be a missionary. And how wonderful the past 18 months have been. Everything good that has come, has not come by me...that is for I am so grateful! And Heavenly Father sent us a grace moment, we got to help two struggling ladies-right before we were about to head home- and just like He always does, He sends little reminders of His love, and that He is totally aware. 

STORY TIME. We were driving to attend a baptism, when all the sudden the craving comes...BAM...for...donuts. No joke. I told Sister Gray and she agreed and jokingly said that she was going to say a prayer for donuts. WELL GUESS WHAT WAS AT THE BAPTISM....You betcha. Donuts. We laughed and laughed and laughed. But yet again...I promise, Heavenly Father hears every prayer and cares about all our little things too. It was a great reminder, that if He cares that much, are we asking him for things we need? Are we counseling with him in all our doings? "Did you think to pray?" :) Thanks Pops, Love ya too! 

God loves you. He also loves those around hey, go lend a helping hand:) I promise it will make you happier than ever to serve those around you. :) and what goes around comes around. 
AH gotta run, but hey you rock! xoxo

Love, Sister Burgon*